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Behind the Design Ivy Podcast | Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design

Ivy Podcast Guest: Caitlin of Black Lacquer Design


Ivy Co-Founders Alexandra Schinasi and Lee A. Rotenberg, speak to Ivy Designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. Listen to our entire podcast series on iTunes here.


Caitlin Murray is the founder of Black Lacquer Design which was established with the notion that almost every room can benefit from a bit of black and a little lacquer.


Since its inception in 2014, the firm has received a number of accolades for outstanding residential and commercial work, most recently being named one of the nation’s fifteen “Fresh Faces of Design” for 2017 by Luxe Magazine. Black Lacquer is serious about execution and aesthetic but ultimately, believes that it’s all about constructing a fulfilling and beautiful life. The spaces we inhabit most should both satisfy and inspire.


Caitlin currently lives in Los Angeles’ Beachwood Canyon neighborhood with a large collection of whimsical vintage artwork and a cocker spaniel named Color.


In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Can you talk to us about your process when handling a project? Tell us about your steps from Survey to Installation. You list this process on your homepage, is there a reason you decided to do this?
  • How do you manage work-life balance? Any tips?
  • How did you grow your team? When did you realize it was time to bring on team members? How did you find the right hires?




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