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Bringing Your Walls to Life With Anewall Murals & Wallpaper



Sisters and Co-Founders of Anewall, Sydney and Richele, are on a mission to dress-up your walls with original art decor, hand-drawn and printed from their Vancouver shop. Whether it be large scale murals, wallpaper or fine prints, Anewall decor transforms a space exploring both vintage and contemporary designs.


Anewall shares their creative process, tips to calculating the right amount of wallpaper for a space, and how to customize murals for a space.


Sydney and Richele – you are two sisters-in-law from Vancouver. How and why did you decide to create original wall art decor?
Coming from a family of custom home builders, and being surrounded by interior design and style, our family was looking for a beautiful wall mural to fill a space in their newly built home. They couldn’t find anything that suited their style so we decided to to make the mural ourselves. We began creating a line of beautiful wall murals that we feel cover a variety of different aesthetics, but what we really love is soft, vintage, French Country style.


How does being headquartered in Vancouver, Canada influence your designs?
Vancouver is one of the largest and most competitive cities in Canada with respect to growing small businesses. Being located in Vancouver pushes us as designers and small business owners to always stay ahead of the current trends in order to compete with the rest of the world. It’s a great place to be and meet other like minded individuals!

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Walk us through your wallpaper creation process, from inspiration to print…
First, we find inspiration for all of our prints and murals. Second, we work closely with our newest graphic design team member who uses her own hand drawn and digital art talent to create beautiful pieces for us. Once they are complete, we print them in our shop, style them and release them for sale. Each piece is made by us upon ordering and we do not carry any stock or inventory!


Anewall sells fine art prints, wallpaper and murals – what are some of your best-sellers?
Jolie Mural, Bouquet of Peonies Mural, Cactus Mural, Spring Floral Mural, Yellowstone Bison Print, and Watercolour Print.

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You customize wall murals as well – how does that work exactly?
We are happy to do custom sized orders of pre-existing mural and art pieces in our shop. Customers send through their custom wall dimensions and the murals are designed to fit their space perfectly – no waste!


Tell us about some projects you are particularly proud of…
We are very proud to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with Anthropologie! Our murals are styled and showcased in 3 Anthropologie locations within the US – two in CA and one in Portland.


How should you calculate the right amount of wallpaper for a space?
For all custom sized orders, make sure you receive the right amount of paper. Measure your wall width from the furthest right hand point to the furthest left hand point and measure the tallest point on the wall in inches. Provide these two measurements to us and we automatically add an excess of 3” to make sure you have extra to work with during installation.

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Based on your knowledge of the industry, what trends are you forecasting for 2017 in regards to wallpaper style, pattern, and color? 
We are looking to add more geometric styles to our collection this year as well as some beautiful rich coloring this season – mauves, plums, navy blue hues. What sets Anewall apart from the trends is that our murals are large scale. We aren’t producing small patterned cactus prints or florals – everything is large scale, coming to life on your walls which makes the designs that much richer and coveted than other wallpaper companies out there.


What’s next for Anewall?
Anewall hopes to grow a lot this year – adding more designs each month to our collections and really taking off and defining ourselves as a wall mural company with the best and most desired designs on the market.

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