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How to Leverage Estimates to Increase Your Bottom Line

Hint: It takes a lean, mean estimating machine

If you’re still doing the heavy lifting when it comes to creating estimates, you’re doing it wrong. Manual estimating — along with the books, excels and spreadsheets that go along with it — are a thing of the past. 

General Contractors can’t afford to spend unnecessary time estimating. To remain competitive, you can’t risk taking too long to turn around an estimate, losing out on a job because the bid was too high, or worse yet, under-estimating a job. For your business to run smoothly, you need it to be an estimating machine.

Quicker estimating

In the digital age where anything can be purchased with the click of a button, today’s consumer expects an estimate faster than you can produce one. If you can’t turn around that estimate in a timely enough manner, your potential client will go elsewhere. 

But creating an estimate takes time and attention. That’s where Ivy comes in. Successful businesses use Ivy to simplify otherwise time-consuming tasks. 

Ivy’s estimating tool lets you create an estimate in minutes. Add line items to your estimate and instantly calculate a job’s cost.

Life is busy — really busy — and we find ourselves putting in hours outside of the office. Your estimates are no longer tied to the office. Ivy is cloud based, so you can create estimates wherever you are, whenever you want.

As an added bonus, you can save estimates as templates to easily create a similar estimate for another job. Ivy also offers ready-to-use templates for the most common types of estimates. 

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More accurate estimating

Manual estimating — whether with estimate forms or estimate sheets — leaves space for human error. Even a seemingly small miscalculation in your estimate can hurt your business’ bottom line. 

Whether inaccuracies cause you to waste extra time on change orders or put a strain on your relationship with your client hurting future jobs — every General Contractor knows the importance of accurate estimates.

Ivy’s estimating software helps minimize human error by doing the brunt of the work for you. Add line items to an Ivy estimate and watch as the most up-to-date pricing for time and material automatically populate your estimate. You can even add your zipcode to get spot-on prices according to your location. 

Work with unique materials or get special pricing on certain items? Create custom parts and pricing in Ivy to use in any of your estimates.

More jobs, more money

Once your estimate is ready, easily share it with clients through Ivy. We’ll even set a default email message if you’d like so you don’t waste a minute deciding what to write. 

With more of your time freed up and so many satisfied customers, you should find yourself able to take on more jobs. 

What’s left to do? Sit back, relax and let Ivy take care of your estimates.

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