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Body Language 101: How your Non-Verbal Brand can Affect your Sales Success

Wednesday, May 15th, 12:30 pm ET / 9:30 am PT

Coming across as confident, knowledgeable and experienced is half the battle when it comes to getting more clients and closing a sale. Do you know what your body language says about you? Let’s dive into Body Language 101 and learn to decode how you are perceived by your potential clients and make the necessary adjustments to increase your sales success!

What attendees will learn:

  • Secrets to improving your first impression
  • How to enhance your presence while speaking to a potential client to show confidence in your service as an Industry Professional
  • The importance of vocal power in making the sale
  • Tricks to avoiding habits and behaviors that may be screaming “not confident” to a client


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About Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy is a sought-after Business Coach to Interior Designers and an expert in topics like marketing, sales, profitability, and systems for your Interior Design Business. She teaches designers how to have the confidence to charge what they are worth, how to succeed in sales without feeling sale-sy, and how to authentically position themselves in their market for maximum visibility. In addition, Nancy is the founding president of the IDS Virtual Chapter and Executive IDS Board Member-at-large.

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