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Ivy Webinar: How to Create Your Ladder of Services

Wednesday, January 9th, 12:30 pm ET / 9:30 am PT

Having different levels of service can fill your pipeline as you are growing and trying to reach higher clientele. Expanding your ladder of services can open up opportunities for you to work with all types of clients. This webinar will help guide you to prepare your offerings in advance of client appointments which can help you offer exactly what your clients need. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 5 ways to increase your chances of working with a potential client
  • What to prepare before your initial consult to open up more revenue-generating opportunities
  • Other design services that can be offered to clients
  • How to become a “trusted advisor” to your clients and get recurring revenue
  • How to build a ladder of services, from start to finish


About Ivy

Ivy is the # 1 software and community for designers. Designers use Ivy to create proposals, generate tear sheets, invoice clients online, track & bill for hours, manage payment and furniture schedules, and more. To learn more about how Ivy can support your business needs as a designer, schedule a free demo here >

About Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a focused, motivated, and dedicated Interior Designer Business Coach. As a mom of three young adults and a successful business owner, Nancy understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when pursuing their dreams of growing a profitable business. She leads by example through her hard work, encouragement, and most of all, her no-BS leadership style.

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