Scott Jaworski

Ivy is more than a suite of productivity tools, they enable and bring together the design community at large. Meeting, listening and learning from other leading designers reiterated and cast light on items true and new to Design Shop. The Ivy team has been there since our on-boarding and continues to look forward for ways to help us improve our business be it software or community, they’re all in.

Ginny Macdonald

It was so fun attending the first Ivy Academy. I’m pretty computer savvy but it was so helpful to see in person from the Ivy team how Ivy intended to be used… it ensured that I was on the right track. I also got some really good tips and tricks that I have since been using and have made things so much easier and quicker.

Lindye Galloway

The LGI team had an exceptional experience at Ivy Academy and loved the collaborative nature of the day! Just a few highlights were hearing from other designers, diving deep into all the functions Ivy has to offer and meeting so many Ivy friends in person! It was a great day of getting my entire team comfortable using the system and getting our many processes perfected and streamlined.