4 Instagram Hashtags Interior Designers Should Be Using

Whether you jumped on the gram-wagon early or are just getting started, here are 4 hashtags for interior designers to use and how exactly to use them.1. #ihavethisthingwithfloors


Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@zafirahzainal

This hashtag was started by an Instagrammer user in Amsterdam and has gone global with over 22k tags. Use it to showcase beautiful tilework, colorful rugs, and any stellar surface you find your feet upon.2. #shelfie

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@phoenix_tribe_art

Shelfies are to interior designers as selfies are to, well, everyone. Take a shelfie to highlight any well-styled shelf. Bookends, decorative objet, and plants often appear in association with the shelfie.3. #dsnicerug

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@francesloom

#dsnicerug is just one of many hashtags that the Design Sponge team has put into play. This one speaks for itself, but take a look at some of the others like #dspattern, #dscolor, and #dshardware for more inspiration.

4. #fromwhereistand


Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@cherelletheg

The most widely used of the bunch, this tag includes almost 2 million photos. It’s the least design-specific but has the most potential to reveal personality to your followers. Show them what it’s like to be a designer from where you stand!

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