5 Interior Designers With Impeccable Personal Style

The wise Diane Von Furstenberg once said that decorating an apartment was like dressing a woman. So here’s a question- if you don’t like the way a designer dresses themselves, should they really be dressing your room? It’s clearly not an issue for these five interior designers whose personal style is as impeccable as their portfolio.


Photo: Cultured

Who: Meg Sharpe

Where: New York, NY

Words of Wisdom: “I’m not a huge color person,” says Meg Sharpe, knowing it’s a dangerous admission for an interior designer. “I keep outfits simple, so the work speaks for itself.”


Photo: One Kings Lane

Who: Patrick Mele

Where: New York, NY

Words of Wisdom: “I’m restless when it comes to my surroundings,” he says. “They’re always in motion.”


Who: Kelly Wearstler

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Words of Wisdom: “My biggest mistake was once doing a striped entry hall in six colors. It turns out you can go overboard.”


Photo: The Coveteur

Who: Sara Ruffin Costello

Where: New Orleans, LA

Words of Wisdom: “My go-to outfit everyday is literally pajamas. Thank god they came into fashion because now I can wear little silky patterned numbers and they go together and it looks like I actually got dressed. But I didn’t.”

Photo_House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful

Who: Celerie Kemble

Where: Palm Beach/New York

Words of Wisdom: “Celerie throws together a crazy combination of new and old and high and low,” her husband [Boykin Curry] observes, “but rather than looking like a cluttered mess, it all feels right, as if the objects had been looking for each other.”