5 Places to De-Stress in the San Francisco Bay Area

It can be hard to unplug and make space in your mind for things that fall outside the “work” category, but the clarity that comes from taking time to be mindful can have a real impact on your success. Ethan Nichtern, of the Shambala Meditation Center in New York, makes the case that in a crazy world, one needs to be clearheaded because “crazy with crazy is never good.” So whether you’re vowing to step up your meditation game in the new year or just need a place to go to close your eyes and say “om”, consider these 5 San Francisco/Bay Area spots to get your zen on.

1. Earthship

4609 Shattuck Avenue (near 46th Avenue), Oakland

FullSizeRender copy 2

This lifestyle shop, from the creators of all natural, plant-based beauty brand Earth Tu Face, can be your happy place if you let it be. We’re not sure if it’s the dried herbs hanging from the ceiling or the happy hour champagne they serve on Fridays, but this place has definitely got stress-free vibes going on.

(Photo: @earthtuface)

2. Laughing Lotus

3271 16th Street (at Dolores), San Francisco


This could be you. Blissfully stress-free in a yoga studio known for its boldly colored rooms and joyful, free-flowing practice. The instructors here put their own spin on traditional Lotus Flow vinyasa kickstarted by inspiring chants and mantras. You know we love a good mantra.

(Photo: Laughing Lotus)

3. International Orange 

2044 Fillmore Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco


This Japanese-inspired day spa meets skin-care emporium is the epitome of zen. Who doesn’t want to take a yoga class, receive an acupuncture treatment, and chill out in a bamboo garden….all in one place?!


(Photo: International Orange)

4. Yoga Flow SF Union

1892 Union Street at Laguna, San Francisco

Yoga Flow SF_Patricia Chang

I know we’re all about making time for design, but you should also consider making time for vinyasa yoga in a heated room surrounded by treetops. That’s basically what goes on at Yoga Flow.


(Photo: Patricia Chang)

5.  San Francisco Zen Center

300 Page Street, San Francisco

San Francisco Zen Center

If you’re on a path towards decluttering your mind, chances are that path will take you to the San Francisco Zen Center. As one of the oldest Buddhist communities outside of Asia, its name pretty much speaks for itself. A large selection of their dharma talks are also available on iTunes for free. If you’re not quite sure what a dharma talk is yet, the first step is being willing to find out!


(Photo: San Francisco Zen Center)