Ivy helps interior designers project management

5 Ways Ivy Eliminates Daily Headaches for Interior Designers


Ivy is changing the way interior designers work. We empower interior designers to focus less on tedious tasks and more on what made them get into the industry in the first place — design! By using technology to streamline the moving pieces of an interior design project, we enable interior designers to make more time for design.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress and complexity that plagues the industry. All too often interior designers are bogged down by mountains of admin work, annoying amounts of double-entry, and a painfully decentralized workflow.

Before discovering Ivy, interior designers often face the following headaches:

A ridiculous amount of double-entry 🙁 Spending an absurd amount of time inputting the same details in different places. Ugh!

Time wasted on manual entry 🙁 Hours wasted on manual tasks that could easily be automated with Ivy.

SO many different tools 🙁 Interior designers often need to use a lot of different platforms (Excel spreadsheets, time tracking apps, bookkeeping software, journal notes, email, etc) to just manage their day. No centralization of details means lots of chaos and room for error.

Unprofessional proposals & invoices 🙁 Sending files to clients that look amatuer and inappropriate as an interior designer (such as invoices with no images!).

Complex softwares 🙁 Softwares that make you feel like you’re using a platform meant to land a spaceship on the moon — like were you supposed to get a PhD in rocket science to use them? Having thousands of features on an antiquated system when you only use 10% of them means an experience that makes you want to run for your life…

These are just a few of the annoyances that bring interior designers to Ivy. We’re built to bring design back into the forefront of what it means to run an interior design business.

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