Heart-Warming Reminders Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Clients


There are so many reasons to be thankful. In the spirit of Thanksgiving season, Ivy Designers share kind messages they’ve received from appreciative clients that remind us why we’re in the business of Interior Design; to help clients turn their house into a home.

“Five stars aren’t enough to express the quality of Barbara’s work and the extraordinary integrity, sensitivity and thoughtful awareness she brings to it. Through her deep sense of empathy, she was able to discern and bring to life exactly what I was looking for before I fully understood it myself. I am deeply grateful to her for all she has done for me, and I can’t imagine moving anywhere in the future without Barbara by my side. Working with her has truly been one of the great pleasures of my life!” – Client of Ivy Designer Barbara Vail of G A L Y E A N V A I L


Design by G A L Y E A N V A I L, Photo by Joyelle West

“Thank you so much for updating our condo in Pacific Beach. It looks spectacular now. The master bedroom is awesome! The living room is fantastic. I can go on and on but it revolves around the amazing work that you put into it. We will definitely contact you for any future projects.” – Client of Ivy Designer Katy Sears of GRAWSKI STUDIOS

Grawski Studios

Design and Photo by Grawski Studios

“Thank you for the excellent work you did with Kathy on our home. Your recommendations were consistent with what we (OK Kathy) wanted. Your ability to put her thoughts to reality is a testament to how professional you are. We love our home!” – Client of Ivy Designer Rebecca Foster of Rebecca Foster Design

Design by Rebecca Foster Design, Photo by Luke Gibson

Design by Rebecca Foster Design, Photo by Luke Gibson

“Christine’s interior design work for me has ranged from simple rearranging of furniture to a complete master bath/office/living space remodel. After assessing my style and the style of the house, I love that she gives me choices that will work so I can choose my favorite. She knows how to get things done. She has helped me get the right curtains, pillows, tile, countertops, paint, furniture, rugs, wall art, etc. And then, she puts everything in the right place for the best functionality, as well as look. She is always prompt in answering my phone calls and emails. I have found her help invaluable in saving time and creating the look I want.” – Client of Ivy Designer Christine Craig of Designology

Design by Designology, Photo by Joshua Shelly

Design by Designology, Photo by Joshua Shelly

“The women at Design House are creative, innovative, professional, friendly and they have vision that I never could imagine having in my lifetime. We had a tricky house to re-design and no clue what to do when we walked into it. They had ideas, they were excited to get going on the plans, and the presentation was more than a surprise…we are using all of the great ideas they came up with. I’m so happy I found this company. I would recommend to ANYONE!” – Client of Ivy Designer Judi Granucci of Design House Interiors

Design House Interiors

Design by Design House Interiors, Photo by Glenn Toole

“I can’t tell you how much we have appreciated everything you’ve done to help us feel like our new house is a home. My family was just here for a visit and loved everything! Thank you for taking me by the hand and gently leading me out of my comfort zone and into the most beautifully designed home we could imagine. We are so proud when we have guests over and that is entirely because of you! I tell everyone how amazing you are to work with. I almost feel like it’s our obligation to let EVERYONE know about you!” – Client of Ivy Designer Roxanne Lumme of Roxanne Lumme Interiors

Roxanne Lumme Interiors

Design by Roxanne Lumme Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Jolas and Lauren Lozano Ziol for the past 6 months. During that time, they transformed my first floor from a dated, ugly space to an elegant yet comfortable living area which is absolutely perfect for our family. Michelle and Lauren are talented designers, adept at understanding my comfort zone while providing unique and creative suggestions to inspire me to take it up a notch. In addition to suggesting several unexpected but delightful design elements, they were able to use many existing pieces, but in a new way which changed them completely. They worked extremely cohesively as a team and with outside vendors to ensure seamless and timely delivery of all aspects of the project. It has been a wonderful experience, so much so that floor #2 is currently in progress with more to follow!” – Client of Ivy Designers Michelle Jolas and Lauren Lozano Ziol of SKIN LLC


Design by SKIN LLC, Photo by Andrew Miller

“Hiring CAROLYNLEONA was one of my top five decisions of the year. ‘WOW – I love it!’ is my favorite expression when first viewing her designs. I’m living with them now and loving them even more. I tell my friends, ‘You want someone who’s a creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, responsive, perceptive designer with a great team? Call Liz Goldberg!'”. – Client of Ivy Designer Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA


Design by CAROLYNLEONA, Photo by Michael Moss

“I have the chills. You are AMAZING at what you do. I’m obsessed with our house.” – Client of Ivy Designer Jessica Lynn Williams

Jessica Lynn Williams

Design by Jessica Lynn Williams, Photo by Luke Williams

“This was my first time working with an interior designer…I was a bit apprehensive about the process and did not know what to expect. I also had an extremely firm budget which added to the anxiety. I had lofty goals on a very REAL budget. I put a few feelers out and reached out to a number of firms and quickly realized that finding a designer was going to be tough. I was met with a lot of “your budget is too small” or “the firm is unable to take on new jobs” Then, I was contacted my designer Monique from Duarte Decor…after one conversation with her “I knew” that I had found my designer. Her energy aligned with mine and she seemed genuinely interested in helping me achieve my design goals. She and members of the firm were warm, courteous, patient and professional. They didn’t treat me as a “small” job but gave quality time and attention to my project…I definitely had a great experience working with Monique & Duarte Decor and look forward to working with them on future projects.” – Client of Ivy Designer Monique Duarte of Duarte Decor, LLC

Duarte Decor, LLC

Design by Duarte Decor, LLC, Photo by Kelley B.

“Casa & Co. Design (Ashley), helped me rearrange the living and dining space in my home. She was very respectful of my stuff and my taste, but somehow managed to arrange everything in a way that just looks right. Guests commented on how much bigger the room seemed. I loved that we were able to preserve all the functionality of the room, yet it could have been pulled right out of a design magazine. It was such a great experience working with Ashley and I recommend her every chance I get!” – Client of Ivy Designer Ashley Gries of Casa & Co. Design

Casa & Co. Design

Design and Photo by Casa & Co. Design

“I’m speechless! You beyond exceeded our wildest dreams! You’re absolutely amazing to work with and made this such a fun, easy, and stress free project! We’re thrilled with how it all came together and honestly I’m so sad we don’t have any more rooms to work on (at least for now).” – Client of Ivy Designer Dina Holland of Honey + Fitz

Design by Honey + Fitz, Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography

Design by Honey + Fitz, Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography

“We just moved into our new home and needed professional help with turning our new house into a warm and welcoming home; ready to entertain family and friends for the holidays! TAB took our boring large space and helped us convert it into a cuddly and warm sanctuary where we now love to spend time alone or with company. Their modern flare, creative sense, and spunky style made it really fun for us to play around with color and still achieve a classy look overall. The designers at TAB are kind, attentive, and passionate about what they do. They are very accommodating and understanding which made our experience much more enjoyable. We look forward to hiring TAB for future interior designing projects.” – Client of Ivy Design Firm TAB Interior Designs, LLC

TAB Interior Designs, LLC

Design and Photo by TAB Interior Designs, LLC

“I brought Libby in after months and months of research and head scratching when I realized I needed a professional’s eye. Libby did a great job of listening and integrating my already set-in-stone ideas. I never felt ‘on the clock’ and she always gave me an honest opinion. She did a lovely job of wrapping my ideas with a solid foundation and a cohesive feel.” – Client of Ivy Designer Libby Mansour Joy Home Interiors

Joy Home Interiors

Design by Joy Home Interiors, Photo by Wynne H Earle Photography

“Thank you so much for transforming our home! This whole experience has been wonderful.” – Client of Ivy Designer Jessica Williamson of JTWdesign LLC

Design by Jessica Lynn Williamson, Photo by Alexis Courtney

Design by JTWdesign LLC, Photo by Alexis Courtney

“I am struggling to find the words to adequately express how grateful Kimi and I are for the amazing new room makeover. Thank you just does not seem sufficient. It was a truly magical day as Kimi experienced the big reveal. She was blown away by how special it was and it easily far exceeded both our expectations. Susan encouraged Kimi to dream big and be creative…they make quite a team! Susan is a gift to all of these warrior kids. A special thank you to Susan’s amazing team who overcame quite a few hurdles today to get the room completed…Thank you to all generous SGBD sponsors and donors who helped make this spectacular room a reality. My daughter Kimi has been battling cancer for over 7 years. She has been through so much. In all of this time, her room has always been a hodge-podge of second-hand or hand-me-downs. For her to now have this special oasis to call her own, a beautiful garden of healing, is beyond priceless. I am humbled by how much joy this has brought to Kimi.” – Client of Ivy Designer Susan Wintersteen of Savvy Interiors

Savvy Interiors

Design by Savvy Interiors, Photo by Dandelion Dreams Photo

“K WILSON DESIGN is top notch. I needed some help with my main living area and was on a very tight budget. Kacey worked within the constraints and took into consideration that I also have four children and two dogs…I enjoyed K WILSON DESIGNS’s work so much that I decided to use them a second time. Kacey helped design my ten year triplet daughters bedrooms. She met with them individually and helped create rooms that were taste specific to them. They are very different and she embodied their personalities in her design so well…She has a special gift for paint color selection and overall design. She knows what color goes best with your space and lighting. She is able to tie spaces together to make them look cohesive and beautiful. The best part is she is no nonsense and understands value, so you get the most for your money. I will use her for all future projects.” – Ivy Designer Kacey L. Wilson of K Wilson Design, LLC


Design by K Wilson Design, LLC, Photo by Rita Finn

“We are absolutely enjoying the bathroom, thank you! Your efforts have been worthwhile on all fronts!” – Client of Ivy Designer Sharleen Kneeland of Home Glow Studio

Home Glow Studio

Design by Home Glow Studio, Photo by Kelsey Hughes​

“We actually love being at home now and don’t want to be anywhere else.” – Client of Ivy Design Firm Mohindroo Interiors

Mohindroo Interiors x Ivy

Design by Mohindroo Interiors, Photo by Ryan Hainey

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