How to Kickstart Your Life After a Long Weekend

How to Kickstart Life After a Long Weekend


All good things come to an end including long weekends. So to prepare for the inevitable return to work, we’ve created a game-plan for how to seamlessly transition from the long weekend to designing. Protip: Start prepping for work the night before (I know, it’s a drag, but trust us).

Written by Shai Wallach

Night Before

Create A Game Plan (and be realistic)

The best way to get “in the zone” before jumping back into work is to lay out your priorities and goals for the week/day ahead. Not only will this make the transition from weekend to work easier, but the satisfaction of checking off your last to-do at the end of the day could make you happy you didn’t take that extra day off. So get your best-looking day planner, a set of color-coded pens, and start scheduling!

Clear Through Unimportant Emails

You’ll probably be avoiding your email at all costs throughout the long weekend. By clearing your inbox of clutter and getting the tedious out of the way early, you slowly ease back into the work mindset and save yourself the headache for when you have actual work to get done.

Go To Bed Early

This one doesn’t really need too much explanation. Go to sleep, you’ll need it.

Morning Of

Get Off Social Media!

Unless you’re using Instagram for some inspiration or Facebook to ask for vendor recommendations, don’t even look at social media. Being bombarded by vacation photos on your feed will only drag you back into the back-to-work blues. Instead of wasting time and killing your motivation in the process, leave your feed alone for a bit.

Don’t Jump Right Into Emails

Speaking of motivation killers, nothing is worse than the dreaded email odyssey first thing in the morning. By diving right into your inbox, you set yourself up for a slow and unmotivated morning. You’re refreshed and relaxed from the long weekend – take advantage of it! Tackle something a little less drab while your head is still clear.

Let Creativity Take Charge

Even though you think those long winters are actually killing your buzz, studies show that poor weather actually increases productivity while nice weather is the hinderance. This is because nice weather makes your brain want to go outside and have fun, making it nearly impossible to go through yet another excel spreadsheet while the sun is shining. This effect is heightened after a fully-loaded long weekend, making the jump back into work a little… groggy. So instead of fighting the urge, let it work to your advantage. Although your productivity for menial tasks may be lower, good weather spikes creativity! It is officially the perfect time to look at textiles, redesign that kitchen, or jump on a brand new project. So although the long weekend may be over, we all know that the real fun starts now. #maketimefordesign

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