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Interior Designers Say Goodbye to Product Minimums with Design Trade Service


Design Trade Service is revolutionizing how Interior Designers source products by providing access to full catalogs of top-tier manufacturers at best possible “To the Trade” pricing.

How does DTS save interior designers time and help them make more money? 

We give designers the ability to order instantly from multiple vendors on one order. This sounds kind of like Amazon and not that innovative but it is in our industry. Trying to get approved for accounts is hard enough and often takes weeks. Trying to maintain buying levels to keep those accounts is practically impossible. Designers can rely on the access we provide. And, they can make more money, or save their clients more money, because we extend to designers best possible “to the trade” pricing. We do not like to promote the discounts we offer because discounts can be very confusing. Massive discounts from Wayfair and the like are typically on a single “first time” order or on discontinued items. Professional interior designers rely on DTS for consistent, low pricing that does not fluctuate.

In your opinion, how has the design industry evolved over the last few decades?

Designers served their clients in a relatively similar and consistent manner for decades up until 2009 when the recession hit followed by the rapid growth in web-based retailers and e-commerce. The recession changed their clients’ attitudes about the prices that they were willing to pay and the growth of the ‘Wayfairs’ has made it possible for the designer’s clients to quickly and easily shop for those products on their own. Now that E-Design platforms are threatening the Interior Designer profession, the designer is getting challenged everywhere he/she looks. We are positioned to greatly help the design profession with these challenges.

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ART Furniture

What are your best-selling products and categories? What trends do you forecast for 2018?

DTS sells all categories of furniture and accessories. The most popular products are major case pieces for dining and bedroom and accent items for all rooms. Chairs in all styles are a close second in popularity. At DTS we don’t have any particular products that make up a large percentage of our sales because we offer complete catalogs from major suppliers instead of just select items.

Who are the up & coming brands to watch right now?

Categorically, the up and coming brands to watch right now are those that provide exceptional value on quality products but may not be well known.  Companies like Magnussen, Resource Décor, Gabby, Summer Classics, Rowe and Caracole make quality, stylish products which designers can provide to their clients at a great competitive value and also increase their own profit margins. Other DTS partner companies that are better known but showing resurgence in designer sales are Hooker and Stanley.

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Theodore Alexander

Why do interior designers like sourcing through DTS?

Feedback we receive from our members is that we are simple, fast and easy. We don’t sell to their clients (only to the trade). Great pricing that gives them flexibility and our level of service really brings them back. We have a very high re-order rate!

How does the DTS experience ease the sourcing and fulfillment process for interior designers?

DTS members have immediate access to entire catalogs of major brand furniture manufacturers without setting up individual accounts with those manufacturers or meeting any minimum order requirements.  Our members are able to immediately see their low designer net price with shipping cost and place orders from different manufacturers on the same order 24/7.  They can order on their own or get all the concierge help they need from one of DTS’s expert assistants. Then, regardless of how they place their order(s), our members receive both online and personal help during the fulfillment phase, including problem resolution.

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Four Hands

What are 3 tips of “best practices” to offer interior designers for making the most out of DTS?

1. Start the sourcing process using DTS first. We know designers have multiple sources. If we don’t have it, then we can try to get it. We can save the designer loads of time so they should start with us first.

2. If a designer has any challenges, just give us a call. We’re not afraid to answer the phone and help in anyway we can. We are very proud of our level of service.

3. Lastly, our experience is very deep in this field. We typically know the manufacturers that work with mainstream retailers such as Restoration Hardware, etc. A designer should give us a chance to go to the source and get the best possible pricing for them. Again, we don’t sell to their clients.

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Why is it important for interior designers to use a digital tool such as Ivy for their business management needs?

1. Savings:  Using Ivy is like having another assistant 24/7 for far less than an employee would cost.

2. Information: Being a part of Ivy puts the designer in touch with other designers who share their solutions to common challenges.

3. Professionalism:  Using the tools, techniques and information, designers can present a highly professional image to clients.

What’s DTS’s focus for the end of 2017?

In the 4th quarter, DTS will be adding several new major manufacturers to our catalog.  We are also working on a new look and some improved functionality to our website.  Additionally, we will be introducing some new social media connectivity and referral reward programs for our existing members.

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Cynthia Rowley

Here at Ivy, we’re more than just a software. Our mission is to provide interior designers with the community, resources and tools needed to manage your business beautifully. Are you searching for a business management tool to help streamline your workflow as an interior designer?

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