IvyMark is Joining Houzz!


What a ride it’s been! Before we say anything else, thank you! From our early adopters that joined when we had nothing but a dream and a basic product, to our IvyMark community who gave us creative ideas, encouragement, and feedback as we grew, and to everyone who has stuck with us as we’ve made progress, and mistakes, we want to say thank you for your patience, guidance, and loyal partnership as we’ve worked to build the platform you trust.


The Houzz team shares our vision of empowering the design trade, and we’re excited about what we will be able to do together for our members. With Houzz, IvyMark will be able to continue on our mission, now with the resources to create an even better platform so that you can make more time for design.

While this partnership is big news for us, it won’t change the heartbeat of IvyMark. The IvyMark team that you know and love will continue to support your needs and the needs of the IvyMark community.

Our journey is just beginning. Similar to the early days, we’re relying on you, our core, as we further develop our software to support your success and creativity. We can’t wait to hear your feedback as we continue to optimize the IvyMark you know and love.


We’re delighted to join forces with Houzz, a natural fit for IvyMark when it comes to innovation, culture, and user base.

Houzz will allow us to continue on our mission of modernizing the way interior designers do business, while introducing IvyMark to a massive audience and opening the door to new opportunities. More than 1.5 million active home renovation and design professionals in over 65 categories — including more than 200,000 designers worldwide — use Houzz to showcase their work, build their brands and reach new clients. We are excited to bring the power of IvyMark’s software and community to more professionals!

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Houzz and IvyMark both have strong engineering teams in Tel Aviv! This made joining Houzz an even bigger no-brainer.


Where do we begin? We couldn’t have arrived here without you.

Thank you to our members that make the IvyMark community a beautiful (and unexpected!) byproduct of a workflow software. This has been the sweetest surprise from our collective success.

A loyal user base and great product propels a startup, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without our investors. From Tal Barnoach of Disruptive, James Currier, Gigi Levy, and Stan Chudnovsky of NFX Guild, Rami Bercha and Chemi Peres of Pitango, and angels like David Marcus and Scott Flanders, thank you for believing in us and believing in our dream. Without your backing, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively deliver on our mission.

Then, there are the people that gave us continued guidance to navigate the tricky situations startups face. Being a part of NFX’s Guild gave us the insight to see things differently – from James Currier’s wisdom on network-effects and Gigi Levy’s tough love, to the tribe of founders that make up the Guild that serve as an invaluable sounding board when building IvyMark. Then there’s Roee Adler, our unmatched advisor and guru. He is our sounding board when we need a second pair of ears.

A big thank you goes out to our families that emotionally supported us along this entrepreneurial journey. You never held us back, only pushed us further down this path.

And last but not least, there’s the IvyMark team. We really wouldn’t be here without our team. Beyond just your expertise, your bottomless enthusiasm for our mission, your very late nights at the office, your strong bonds to your colleagues, and your tireless drive to build innovative tools let us become an industry leader in under two years. You are our family and we’re so excited to be on this next chapter with you.

We’re honored that you’ve all been with us on this journey so far and hope you’re as excited as we are for what’s coming next.

Much love,

Lee & Alex

Here at Ivy, we’re more than just an interior design software. Our mission is to provide interior designers with the community, resources and tools needed to manage your business beautifully. Are you searching for a business management tool to help streamline your workflow as an interior designer?