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Transforming Spaces Sans Commitment With Chasing Paper

Do you have clients that are shy to use wallpaper, hesitant to damage walls, especially on rentals? Enter Chasing Paper, a removable wallpaper company that will dazzle your eyes and be nice to your walls.
Founder Elizabeth Rees discusses how wallpaper is making a comeback, best practices of how to use wallpaper in a space, and creative ways to use removable wallpaper.
Photography courtesy Chasing Paper

Elizabeth – how did you get where you are today?
I’m Elizabeth, Founder of Chasing Paper.  I live in Brooklyn, but am originally from the Midwest.  I grew up in Milwaukee, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan. While I haven’t lived in Wisconsin in over a decade, my heart and business are very much rooted in the Heartland.  I spent my 20’s working in DC, backpacking through Asia and living in Europe before settling into New York six years ago. Obviously, I have moved a lot in the past 10 years, and each time I would get the keys to a new place, I would always be excited to decorate and make the space my own; so three years ago, Chasing Paper was born. Wallpaper is an extraordinary way to transform an environment, but who wants that commitment? Not me, that’s for sure. From the basic to bespoke print, it was important for me to create a product that was accessible and easy.  Chasing Paper is beautiful, thoughtfully-designed removable wallpaper.
Elizabeth Rees
Traditionally, people have been hesitant to decorate with wallpaper – why do you think wallpaper is making a comeback? 
I think that having interesting, special prints incorporated in your spaces is one of the biggest statements you can make.  Wallpaper is fun; it’s a great way to add texture and layers to a space. While it’s certainly coming back, I think it should be noted that its application has certainly been updated.  There are more modern ways to bring wallpaper into a space, such as accent walls, behind built-ins, doors and tiny powder rooms.
Chasing Paper Indigo Collection

 Indigo Collection. From left to right: Ombre, Batik, Tribal, Tie-Dye

How does Chasing Paper make the use of wallpaper less scary?
Chasing Paper is printed on a peel-and-stick fabric, which is different from what was typical in the category (vinyl).  Also, we sell in panels versus rolls, which means folks can buy in at any price point or project size (not to mention a smaller piece of sticky paper means installation is a BREEZE). And finally, we shoot all our paper in a real environment in natural light. The industry standard is to Photoshop, and it was important to me to style and shoot our paper to create a brand aesthetic that is all our own.

What inspires your quirky kid-friendly, designs?

Children’s spaces are the perfect place to have fun with your wallpaper choices and I think that our papers are just that…fun! That said, there is so much out there in the “kids space” that feels low-design and not very thoughtful. Our aim is to bridge that gap – whimsical prints that are also designed with parents in mind.
Chasing Paper Wild Peonies
Can you name some of your best-sellers? How do your customers typically use these designs?
Speckle, Wild, Greenleaf and Peonies are our top sellers.

Chasing Paper Best-Sellers

From left to right: Speckle, Wild, Green Leaf, Peonies in Cream

Who are some other creative people and brands who have collaborated with?
We have exclusive collections with West Elm + Bloomingdales.  They are both wonderful partners. I am working on a collaboration collection with Rebecca Atwood that hits in Spring 2017!
If you could partner with one creative player in the industry, who would it be, and why?
I would love to work with Shantell Martin; we have had a few conversations and would love to make that happen.  Her point of view is so simple, but so personal. I really gravitate to the story her work tells.  I also really love creating room design around wallpaper that feels more like a work of art.
It would also be a dream to work with a print and pattern heritage company like Marimekko.  Their prints are so bold and iconic that I think people would be so excited to incorporate them into their spaces.  They also have such vast archives that I think it would be really cool to curate a collection special for my audience.
Chasing Paper Green Leaf
How do you typically work with interior designers? What do you enjoy about it? What are some of the complications?
We have a very robust (and growing!) trade program. Once approved, our designers are able to purchase papers with a discount. I love seeing the creative ways designers incorporate prints into an overall interior theme. The paper is always part of a larger idea so when it’s complete, it’s very polished and well-executed. I have not had too many issues at all working with designers ?
Can you offer some tips of “best practices” to interior designers for choosing the right wallpaper for a space?
The first thing I would tell folks is to order a bunch of samples – some that are in your comfort zone and some that are outside.  Once you have the samples, start creating mood boards.  It is amazing how different things look in context versus just on a computer screen.
Don’t be afraid to layer.  Creating rich and polished spaces might start with the wallpaper print, but certainly don’t end there; finding art prints and accessories that continue the theme or color palette off the walls will help bring it all together.
Chasing Paper Lemon

What are some creative, overlooked areas in a space (residential or commercial) to use wallpaper?

There are so many awkward places in homes and offices that people often overlook  – it could be a foyer, a landing or really any space that doesn’t have a specific category like a living room, dining room, etc.  But really these are the moments in a space that truly make it into a home and look complete and polished.  Wallpapering a small accent wall, the siding of a staircase or a mudroom make the space look and feel thoughtful, as if nothing has been overlooked.

Chasing Paper Speckle

Looking forward to 2017 – what are your goals for the new year? 

I want to write more.  I am re-launching our blog (which in reality is just a Tumblr) with the hope that Chasing Paper’s site will not only be a place to come and shop, but also a place to be inspired through great design, entrepreneurial stories & interviews, travel and lots more.  I have always loved to tell stories and going into our forth year, I finally feel like I have found my voice and I am excited to use it!

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