Why Designers Should Prioritize Master Bathroom Renovations


Did you know that master bathrooms just became the #3 most popular room to renovate as of 2017?

Houzz, Inc.

According to the seventh annual 2018 Houzz & Home Study, the median spent on a master bathroom remodel was $7,000 with larger bathroom remodels (100+ square feet) averaging at $16,000 and smaller bathroom remodels (<100 square feet) at $10,000.

Houzz, Inc.

But that’s not all….

Master bathroom renovations also came in second with the highest return on investment for remodeling. That is, four in five renovating homeowners reported that their master bathroom upgrade increased the value of their homes by 81% (coming in right behind kitchen renovations for 83%).

Whether your clients are looking to upgrade the value or standard of their homes, master bathrooms are definitely projects you should tackle next!

Houzz, Inc.

Need inspiration? Keep scrolling to look at some of the lovely master bathrooms designed by designers using the Ivy software to manage their business.

Eric Roseff Designs_Master Bathroom

Photo by Bruce Buck Photography. Design by Ivy Design Firm Eric Roseff Designs.

Alison Giese Interiors_Master Bathroom

Photo by Robert Radifera. Design by Ivy Design Firm Alison Giese Interiors.

Widell and Boschetti_Bathroom

Photo by Madeline Tolle. Design by Ivy Design Firm Widell + Boschetti.


Photo by Michael Moss. Design by Ivy Design Firm CAROLYNLEONA.

Savvy Interiors_Bathroom

Photo by Preview First. Design by Ivy Design Firm Savvy Interiors.

22 INTERIORS_Master Bathroom

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Ivy Design Firm 22 INTERIORS.

Jenny Madden Design_Master Bathroom

Photo by Marco Ricca Studio. Design by Ivy Design Firm Jenny Madden Design.

Park and Oak Design_Master Bathroom

Photo via @parkandoakdesign. Design by Ivy Design Firm Park & Oak.

Mindy Laven Home_Master Bathroom

Photo by Taylor Rummell. Design by Ivy Design Firm Mindy Laven Home.

Written by Sarah Rebarber 

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