Why Designers Use Ivy + QuickBooks Online for Their Accounting

With Ivy and Quickbooks Online (QBO), you can have it all! This integration allows you to streamline your design firm’s business management needs while keeping your books and reporting clean and organized.

Built for Designers, by Designers
Ivy is built specifically for the nuanced workflow of interior designers, empowering you to manage all the moving parts of your projects while communicating with clients effectively and professionally. Our easy integration with QBO will sync all accounting information automatically and in real time, allowing for easy reporting, bank, and credit card reconciliations.

What do you need to connect Ivy to Quickbooks Online?
All you need to sync Ivy to Quickbooks Online is a QBO Plus account, and a one-time chart-of-accounts mapping.

Why Quickbooks Online?
Your accountant will LOVE this integration! Quickbooks Online is the premiere accounting solution for businesses of all sizes. The vast majority of accountants and bookkeepers are trained and familiar with Quickbooks Online. No need to learn a new accounting software system!

Ivy’s Integration with Quickbooks Online is easy!

Step 1: Connect Ivy to Quickbooks Online:

Step 2: Map your QBO chart of accounts in Ivy

Step 3: Watch the integration in action!

Why Accountants Love Ivy

“Ivy’s integration with Quickbooks Online allows designers to focus on what they do best without having to learn an accounting software. My clients and I love Ivy’s integration because it allows each of us to each focus on our specialities. When we bring on a new designer we tell them they don’t ever have to go into Quickbooks again- they can manage their entire day-to-day workflow by handling all client billing, purchasing, and vendor payments directly in Ivy. The integration allows me to access the information designers input and prepare their taxes which as a result turns a very stressful time for designers into a walk in the park. This integration streamlines everyone’s workflow and has made everyone’s lives so much simpler!”

– Marissa McKinney, Accountant at Logistis for Designers

Tune into the Ivy Webinar hosted by Marissa McKinney, to learn about bookkeeping best practices, how to handle sales tax, and how to make the most of the Ivy x QuickBooks Online integration.

“I have been helping designers integrate Ivy with Quickbooks Online for more than eight months and have found the integration to work excellently. Ivy designers get the best of both worlds with Ivy’s ease of use and the benefits of a full-fledged bookkeeping application, all at once. The key to the seamless integration is in the initial setup and mapping happening at the beginning of using Ivy. This integration gives my clients peace of mind at tax time because they know that everything they need to file is already in QBO!”

– Allison Moran, Bookkeeper and Business Coach at Business Moxie

Ivy has partnered with QuickBooks Online to offer Ivy Members based in the United States with special QuickBooks Online pricing and benefits.

U.S. QuickBooks Online Program

Pricing & Services

  • 30% lifetime discount off current MSRP for new QBO subscribers for QuickBooks Online Plus
  • 5 concurrent users and 2 bookkeeper’s or accountant users
  • Free set up and navigational training
  • Free support and data backup
  • Free QuickBooks Desktop migration to QuickBooks Online (takes about 30 minutes )

Want help getting set up? Connect with your Intuit QuickBooks account manager to help you get started today!

Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice.