6 Dreamy Bedrooms You’ll Want to Zen Out In

When it comes to designing a bedroom, the goal is to create a sanctuary where one can rest, relax, and renew. The actual placement of the bed, side table, and other elements in the room don’t just affect how aesthetically pleasing the space is. These layouts can actually affect sleep patterns and energy, according to Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life, which is why she recommends keeping Feng Shui tips in mind when it comes to design. Let’s start with clutter. It’s simple. Clutter = anxiety. A messy stack of papers reminds you of everything you didn’t get done that day and clothes piled on the floor conjures thoughts of doing the laundry. Rather than shove everything into the closet (out of sight, out of mind, right?) utilize covered boxes and baskets, or don’t make space for it at all. Another thing, the bedroom is not a place to be loud- with volume OR color. Try sticking to neutral color palettes and warm earth tones like cream and peach, or gray and light blue. And lastly, make this tranquil space a no tech zone. Lose the wall-mounted flat screen and replace it with a calming painting or photograph. (landscapes and nature scenes work well here).

Ok, now it’s time to get zen. Here, our favorite relaxing bedrooms.


Photo: François Halard/Vogue

Custom de Gournay wallpaper paired with a low, raw wood bed. This is where Sleeping Beauty would rest if it was 2016 and she lived in Brooklyn.

88db3773799da1cfef329b622035f321 Crisp white linens, and a Moroccan shag rug. Time to zen out.


Photo: Reid Rolls

Airy white floor-to-ceiling curtains paired with a minimal wooden accent wall. This design makes it clear: NO CLUTTER WELCOME HERE.


Photo: Pinterest/Studio KO

Talk about room with a view. Bedroom designed by Studio KO.


Photo: Pinterest

Natural light + natural tones. Just grab the morning paper and hit snooze.


Photo: Douglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

Mixed textures and a modern fireplace (with selenite logs) make this Nantucket bedroom seriously dreamy.