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Behind the Design: Hannah Collins


Designer Spotlight:  Hannah Collins of Hannah Collins Designs, San Francisco, CA

How did you get where you are today?

I am a Cali native who specializes in hospitality and residential interior design. My inspiration from fine arts and travel have developed my style which embodies a dedication to pure and balanced design. I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design but really always wanted to design restaurants. My family owned or operated restaurants my entire life which gave me a really unique perspective on space and how people interact in it. Design is a journey from concept to construction, and that process is where my passion really lies.

Hannah Collins Designs

Hannah Collins Designs


The moment I knew I wanted to be an interior designer was when…

I painted my room a different color almost every year as a child – Thanks Mom and Dad for being so supportive!

The most memorable space I’ve ever been in is…

Angkor Wat. If you have been there you know why. If you haven’t, then go.

I get to know a new space by….

Watching how people interact in it.

Hannah Collins Designs - Restaurant Design - Tiles

Hannah Collins Designs

My favorite city for design inspiration is…

Pretty much anywhere in Italy. The Italians do it all so right.

When I design I feel…

Most like my true self. Design is really problem solving mixed with art or freedom of creativity and this is probably my favorite combination out there.

“Creativity comes from the strangest places so always put yourself out there and observe as much as you possibly can.”

Hannah Collins Designs - fabric samples

Hannah Collins Designs


Every morning I…

Hit the snooze button at least once then walk or run my dog on the beach. My morning time is sacred to me.

I treat myself with…

Wine & spa days.

My personal style is…

Danish modern meets rustic. I like simple raw materials and allowing the truth of objects and shapes to shine. I wish someone else could answer that question for me….really.

My tips for staying organized are…

Do a little everyday and stay linear or in other words always complete tasks fully.

I never leave home without…

Lipstick and sunglasses.

Hannah Collins Designs - Restaurant and Bar design

Hannah Collins Designs


My role model is…

My sister. She is a super human.

My business mantra is…

“You are your only limit”

For interior designers new to the business, I recommend…

Stay inspired. Take time to travel, visit art museums, see performances. Creativity comes from the strangest places so always put yourself out there and observe as much as you possibly can. Stay open minded.

I define success by…


Hannah Collins Designs - Restaurant Design

Hannah Collins Designs

The best advice I have received is…

Don’t overthink the way people react to things. Life is challenging and so are people and so am I.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned working in the interior design business is…

Space is personal and people are way more connected and passionate about it than I ever really understood. Designing a space to feel “good” or evoke a reaction is sometimes more important than anything else on the project.

Who is your new favorite supplier? Why?

Lawson Fenning. Because they are nice and good at their job and so easy to work with and they have great focused style.

Hannah Collins Designs - Bathroom Design

Hannah Collins Designs


Why did you decide to start using Ivy?

I have used similar platforms that I was really unhappy with. I like the user friendly and intuitive aspect of Ivy. It doesn’t over-complicate process which was important for me. The customer service is also really wonderful.

What’s your favorite feature on Ivy so far?

The picture uploader for sales items and the invoice layout is really well done.

In one word, what do you hope Ivy will bring to your work life?