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Behind the Design: Stefania Skrabak of Art Home Garden

Designer Spotlight: Stefania Skrabak of Art Home Garden

How did you get where you are today? 
I started as a fashion designer in NYC. Hating how fashion was not hands-on with the client/customer, I yearned for a change. Interior design was something I have always wanted to pursue, especially with my “construction” background,  but in a way,  it kind of fell into my lap, and in a way, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.
I got my first break when I walked into a random NYC restaurant and told them that they needed my help. I somehow convinced the owner to hire me saying that if they liked what I did, they could keep it, and if they didn’t, I would change it back. Needless to say, it worked.
My motto remains the same to this day. We are 100% homeowner/client-focused. A homeowner can return pretty much anything, and we can always change a space back to the way it was originally, although no one has ever asked.
Art Home Garden Office
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AHG believes that home decor, art and landscape manifest deep personal expression. How does your firm strive to understand a client’s needs? 
It’s always about the client and not at all about us being designers. I pride myself on working as hard as I can in learning the client’s needs. I am more than happy to keep redesigning until the homeowner and I discover what they like and how they want to live. My portfolio proves that it’s not about us  – all of our designs are completely different and unique.
In your opinion, how does design affect health & wellness? 
When we create a story/space around a person’s needs and desires, they inevitably manifest what they are looking for. We just set the stage – they do the rest.

Art Home Garden

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How do you stay current and source interesting, new-to-market products and materials to incorporate in your designs? 
I live in NYC – it’s super easy because there is constant inspiration everywhere.
Are there certain colors and materials you’re particularly into right now? me personally or my homeowners?
I’m always into what I am designing in the moment. We are doing a super luxurious apartment in Manhattan that is all about silver, gold, grey, ivory, teal, velvet and chenille…OMG! Starting in a few weeks, we are doing a rustic all-wood country house, so upcoming, it will be all about brown, taupes, whites, wood, linen, fur and flannel!

Art Home Garden

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How does designing make you feel? 
It’s my everything! I can not express enough the joy and happiness I feel when I get to create a space. We do everything from the nuts and bolts up. I could never be a designer that simply adds splash pillows. I love building a space with my team, creating a story, and helping our homeowners live their dreams.
Can you describe a day in the life as Stefania? 
OMG, insanity, but amazing! A normal work day is from 7AM – 1AM.  It involves everything from designing, to hanging up light fixtures, to painting walls. I am 100% part of my team and will never ask a team member to do what I wouldn’t do.

Art Home Garden

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What’s the most rewarding part of completing a project?
The homeowners being happy and supporting my team to be their best.
You have a dynamic team – how are your operational and design tasks delegated?
Delegated usually by me first, and then, equal parts my mom, Elzbieta Skrabak, and my boyfriend, Joshua Byer. Then, to the team member who is the best  “fit” for the task at hand. No one has only one task – we heavily blur the lines between design and build. My mom and my boyfriend are my go to’s.  “How many hands do you think I have?” my boyfriend always asks. My answer is always “12”. They not only keep my vision going, but they keep everyone motivated on a timeline.

Art Home Garden

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What are some strategic tactics to maintain healthy vendor relationships?
Asking questions!

Art Home Garden

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Why did you join Ivy?
Honestly, it was totally spontaneous off of a Facebook Ad (I know, don’t judge). However, joining Ivy was the best decision I have made this year in regards to the business end of AHG.
How has Ivy helped streamline your workflow?
It’s been a great tool for modernizing our invoicing and keeping the clients up to date.
What’s an Ivy feature you can’t live without?
The Ivy team, hands down. Their customer service is beyond exceptional!
Art Home Garden
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