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Designing Quality Furniture That Lasts a Lifetime With Campaign



The sofa has transitioned from being an optional piece to being the heart of the home. Seating is an essential and often the first big purchase for a new space. However, maneuvering or shipping a sofa is intimidating and quite the undertaking. Furniture company, Campaign, has developed a classic line of affordable furnishings that can be broken down to fit into one FedEx or UPS shipping box. Simply unpack and assemble! These furnishings can just as easily be taken apart and packed again for another move.


Campaign is on a mission to design and produce sofas that are of such quality that they can be passed on from one generation, to the next, without ever going out of style. The company takes into consideration the modern way in which people live and designs with the intent to find “Campaign furniture at flea markets in 50 years”. Campaign shares with us their recipe for long-lasting products, key elements to search for when sourcing for the right sofa, and their plans for growth.


Photography courtesy of Campaign

How would you describe Campaign’s mission in 140 characters or less?
Our mission is to build a quality, responsible, and approachable furniture experience.


What does Campaign take into consideration when designing thoughtful, modern furniture for the way people live?
We value doing more with less and thinking about the long-term impact of every decision. We are designing products to last a lifetime.  Our hope is that you’ll find Campaign furniture at flea markets in 50 years.  So, quality is hugely important to us, as is a classic design.  



Which sustainable materials do you source to design long-lasting products?
Instead of building the frame out of plywood (which you’ll find in most furniture today), we chose steel for our frame. We also sourced solid wood legs, available in maple and oak.  These components are reusable, as are our covers, and the back and seat fill, making the entire Campaign piece recyclable. 


“A great sofa should be the Swiss Army knife of the living room.”
Campaign currently produces The Chair”, The Loveseat” and The Sofa”. Do you have plans to create a new model?
All Campaign pieces are modular, so as we expand our product suite and accessories, you’ll be able to further customize and update your piece. We’ll be adding different types of leg and arm shapes, for example, as well as new fabric materials and patterns.  We want your Campaign piece to evolve with you and your tastes. 


How did you choose the Campaign color palette of Sunset Orange, Midnight Blue, Citrus Green, Pearl White and Cadet Grey?
We wanted our first line of fabrics to connect in a bright way.  Our second line of fabrics will be more subdued and natural.  


In your opinion, how has the function of the sofa evolved over the years?
The sofa has evolved from an occasional piece to the heart of the home. As our lifestyle brings versatility into the living room, the modern sofa must evolve to be comfortable for a multitude of tasks.  A great sofa should be the Swiss Army knife of the living room. 


Can you name some spaces featuring Campaign seating that you are particularly proud of?
In all truth, our customers’ living rooms. We’re immensely proud to see Campaign in homes across the country.  


We’re soon launching our Outpost program so people can see and feel Campaign before they buy online.  There might be a Campaign chair in the neighborhood coffee shop that you cozy into before you purchase, for example.  It will be amazing to see Campaign pieces in a variety of shops and elements in different cities around the U.S. 


What are some key factors an interior designer should consider when searching for a chair, loveseat or sofa?
Take care to understand how and where the piece was designed and manufactured. Was the ideation outsourced to a factory in China or was it designed in-house? Was the fabric chemically treated? Was the piece shipped from overseas, thus costing more? Will it last more than a year given the anticipated traffic of the piece? These are the areas we spent time thinking differently from other furniture makers.


Why would an interior designer want to furnish a residential or commercial space with Campaign designs?
We think being able to quickly change fabric covers is enticing. Instead of replacing an entire piece, or paying to reupholster it, designers can easily velcro Campaign fabrics on and off, giving a room an entirely different feel.  The modularity, as mentioned above, will only continue to grow, ever expanding a piece’s functionality and design.


As our lifestyle brings versatility into the living room, the modern sofa must evolve to be comfortable for a multitude of tasks.”


What’s Campaign’s focus for 2017?
Growth is a huge focus for us; our product line, our manufacturing, our team. We’re hiring!  😉




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