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Reimagining Your Online Face & Voice with Yian Quach

Yian Quach


If there’s one person that understands the power of elevating your brand via your online presence, it’s Yian Quach. Yian has a passion for helping interior designers reimagine the online face of their business. Specifically, he helps designers conceptualize, write, and design websites that highlight their strengths and attract their ideal clients. He has worked with dozens of designers, from those just starting out to award-winning & published designers in top shelf magazines including Architectural Digest, LUXE, and Editor At Large. He’s appeared on interior design industry podcasts, including A Well Designed Business with LuAnn Nigara, Design & Style with Rachel & Dixie, and Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers with Mark McDonough, and, he currently serves on the executive board of the Interior Design Society Virtual Chapter. Yian shares with us the key elements to a powerful website, his favorite website-building platforms, and the significance of storytelling.


Lead Image: Photo courtesy of Yian Quach


Yian will be hosting a “Website Masterclass for Interior Designers” Ivy Webinar on Wednesday, February 28 at 12:30 PM ET / 9:30 AM PT. Make sure to RSVP with the registration button below!




Yian, how did you get where you are today?

YQ: I help interior designers reimagine the online face of their business. To do this, I wear various hats including writer, designer, coder, and more. My path was a meandering journey including a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, three years teaching English abroad, and half a decade bartending in NYC. Of course, all of my previous experiences contribute to my current work.


Yian Quach


Why is it important for interior designers to invest in good web design?

YQ: Your website is your online face and voice. It represents you. It speaks for you. It can make the difference whether a client hires you or not. When a client views your website, you want them to think, “Yes! I understand this designer, and I like what I see.” While social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz can be an easy way to show one’s work, one’s website remains the foundation of a professional’s online presence.


What are the key elements to a powerful interior design website?

YQ: Its voice; its imagery; its presentation. Its voice should speak to your visitor. Its imagery should woo your visitor. The presentation should impress your visitor. When all of these things come together, you’ve got a powerful website on your hands.


Yian Quach

Photo courtesy of Yian Quach


Can you name some of your favorite website building platforms that interior designers should use to host and build their website?

YQ: There are only several website platforms most interior designers use these days. Two of the most popular ones are Squarespace and WordPress. I started on WordPress, then made the switch to Squarespace, primarily because of how user friendly it is for my clients after launch. I also like Squarespace’s super clean aesthetic and customer support.


What’s your design point of view?

YQ: I believe the best interior design websites are personable and relatable, not just professional. You can find plenty of interior designer websites that feel super polished and professional, but not very personable and relatable. For most interior designers, it’s important that the client feel a sense of connection and reliability with the designer. This increases the likelihood they will make that phone call.


Yian Quach

Photo courtesy of Yian Quach


If you could make a PSA to all interior designers regarding photographing their portfolio, what would you say?

YQ: I love this question, and I have a very specific answer: I would encourage interior designers to tell a story about each project they include in their portfolio. Tell the story of what the client needed and how you served that need. While you are an artist, you are also a problem solver, and telling these stories can illustrate how you solve people’s problems. Telling stories also conveys your design point of view.


In your opinion, how has technology impacted the interior design industry?

YQ: This is a pretty well covered subject, so I’ll focus my answer regarding websites. Probably the most significant development in the last several years is the ability for interior designers to actually maintain their own website without relying on the web designer. This includes uploading recent projects, press, and testimonials. Goodbye to old and stale websites!


Yian Quach

Photo courtesy of Yian Quach


Why do you think it’s important for interior designers to use modern tools such as Ivy to bring their business operations online?

YQ: In general, software helps us work smarter, not harder. From what I’ve seen of the Ivy software, I can see how it can streamline processes and workflow.


What are your personal business goals for 2018?

YQ: I’m pleased with the track I’m on. This year, I’m excited about serving on the executive board of the IDS Virtual Chapter (Interior Design Society). And of course, I’m looking forward to continue doing what truly lights my fire: working with people to reimagine the online face of their business.


Yian Quach

Photo courtesy of Yian Quach



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