Interior Designers Love Ivy


“Urban Dwellings joined Ivy to reduce the repetitive practices that hindered our productivity. We were using several programs for separate purposes, but we knew there had to be a software that was able to do it all in one, and lucky us, we found it in Ivy. With the click of a button, a proposal can be converted into an invoice for payment, and then into purchase orders. Having all these steps, which used to be separate entities, in one program means our designers aren’t losing time on administrative work, and can instead focus on what they do best, designing. We love the ability to input images of products within proposals/invoices. With this feature, our clients are able to visualize the design while reviewing for final approval. We find there is much less confusion and pushback now that they can see exactly what they are buying into.”


Tracy Davis

Urban Dwellings


“I have been an interior designer for over ten years and in the industry since I was a kid. As soon as I got out of school and started working with other designers, I realized that they all had the same struggles…staying organized and pricing/ordering in a timely manner. I have used everything from Design Manager to Studio Webware but was always looking for something that actually helped cut out time and not added more time. Ivy recently fell into my lap and in a matter of just a few weeks, I have seen a huge increase in sales and revenue. I think this is due to the fact that IVY is not only so easy to use, but it’s also very visual which makes it fun! Anytime I need anything, one of the team members from IVY emails me or messages me back within minutes. They get us as designers and know that our time is so valuable during the day.  I appreciate it so much! I’m never going to use any other platform but IVY now! I am truly grateful for them!”


Lauren Messina

Lauren Messina Interior Design


“There are multiple things I love about Ivy. I wasn’t afraid to switch over because it integrates with Quickbooks, so my accountants were not going to have to adjust to a foreign bookkeeping program. I needed a change because Quickbooks is not set up nicely for Interior Designers. I also love that there is a place to store all vendor information. This way my assistant can see who she needs to contact for which company when placing orders. My clients love having the images on their invoices, it helps them visualize exactly what they are paying for. Lastly, I love the fast, convenient, and caring customer service!! You guys are great and answer any questions I have right away. That was so impressive to me!”


Sadie Beachy

B.S. Interior Design


I just had a rep call me and ask what program we were using because our purchase order looked so professional and good! I told her about the program and she is going to look into it!”


Hannah Kenny

Fuller Interiors

Jenna Gross2

“I cant say enough about how much I love IVY and how it has helped me SO MUCH. My assistant left a month ago and if it weren’t for IVY I would still be doing all kinds of crazy Excel sheets and would be super frustrated, so thank you!


Jenna Gross

Colordrunk Designs

Amy Weaver

“In this business there are so many moving parts from the design of a sofa to a complete home. Ivy is able to streamline that process.”


Amy Weaver

Weaver Design Group

Jessica Tolman

“Ivy makes invoicing and time tracking 1000 times easier allowing me more time to focus on the creative part of the job that I love the most.”


Jessica Tolman

Jessica Tolman Interiors


”I have used similar platforms that I was really unhappy with. I like the user friendly and intuitive aspect of Ivy. It doesn’t over-complicate process which was important for me. The customer service is also really wonderful.”


Hannah Collins

Hannah Collins Designs

bridget crop

”We all have to wear so many hats and not all of them suit us. Billing is not one of my strengths. Ivy offers seamless and intuitive navigation, plus their template is perfect for the design world. I couldn’t imagine life without it, now.”


Bridget Cooper

Bridget Cooper Interiors


“Before Ivy I was using an overly complex software. I’m now so happy with Ivy – I don’t know what would I do without it?!”


Heather Deragon

Heather Deragon Studio


”I’ve tried them all, Design Manager, Studio Webware, and more, and to be honest, Ivy beats all of them. It’s so easy, and the learning curve is like 30 minutes.”


Monique Duarte

Duarte Decor

Ariel Richardson

“Everything is packaged together so I can work more efficiently. Online payments are great too.”


Ariel Richardson

ASR Design Studio

Benni Amadi

”It is a great tool to stay organized and my work is so much more efficient now that I started using it.”


Benni Amadi

Benni Amadi Interiors

Arielle Citron

“It is an organizational tool for me, and allows my clients to have a better understanding of what they are purchasing and where their money is being allocated. Bottom line, it allows me to be more efficient and it gives me the tools to send my clients polished and professional information.”


Arielle Citron

Citron Home

Ally Gwozdz

”I needed to streamline my business and improve efficiency. Ivy saved me, and I’ve been able to greatly reduce admin time and therefore pass along savings to my clients, which is nice!”


Ally Gwozdz

Curate Interiors

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