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These Are The Chicest Dogs in Interior Design

Happiness is coming home to your dog. Especially when your home is impeccably styled and your dog is equally stylish. Who would you rather have perched upon your newly upholstered ottoman, stack of rug samples, or bed of monogrammed linens? It’s no wonder some of our favorite designers have a penchant for sharing snapshots of their canine companions and their chic lifestyles. Here, we combed dozens of interior design accounts to bring you a round up of cutest designer dogs on Instagram.

1. Wesley Gibson | #wesleythewestie

Hangs with: Grant K. Gibson, @grantkgibson, interior designer

Loves: Hiding under fancy cocktail tables

Hates: Mondays

Monday #wesleythewestie #westie #westieofinstagram

A photo posted by Grant K. Gibson (@grantkgibson) on

2. Lily Griffin-Sikes | @hrhlily

Hangs with: Mark D. Sikes, @markdsikes, interior designer

Loves: Chinoiserie

@hrhlily sitting pretty! #mondays #redmyway #treeoflife #redwhiteandblue #chinoiseriechic

A photo posted by Mark D. Sikes (@markdsikes) on

Hates: Having her photo taken during naps

Stop taking photos and give me some peace already #french #frenchbulldog #HRH

A photo posted by HRH- Lily Griffin-Sikes (@hrhlily) on

3. Olive Neustadt | @olive_neustadt

Hangs with: Tessa Neustadt, @tessa_neustadt, interior designer/photographer

Loves: Perrier

We love us some @perrier #myperrier #neustadtstudio

A photo posted by Olive the dog! (@olive_neustadt) on

Hates: Acting serious at the office

Office shmoffice #neustadtstudio

A photo posted by TESSA NEUSTADT (@tessaneustadt) on

4. Daphne & Gemma Weinrib | #dogsofMW

Hang with: Madeline Weinrib, @madelineweinrib, textile designer

Love: Lounging on Ikat

Hate: Having to ride in the back seat

The girls go for a ride ????

A photo posted by Madeline Weinrib (@madelineweinrib) on

5. Teddy Papachristidis | #teddynewyorkie

Hangs with: Alex Papchristidis, @alexsviewpoint & Scott Nelson, @scotstyle

Loves: Sleeping in

No bed like your own #teddynewyorkie @scottnelsonsees

A photo posted by Alex Papachristidis (@alexsviewpoint) on

Hates: Not being able to reach the dinner table

24 for dinner , ready set go #teddynewyorkie #thanksgiving

A photo posted by Alex Papachristidis (@alexsviewpoint) on

6. Gogo Fine 

Hangs with: Lisa Fine, @irvingandfine, textile designer

Loves: Mixing prints

Hates: Sharing the bed

Every Day is Dogs Day #nationaldogsday #rescue #bedlingtonterrier #operationkindess @thrive @operationkindness @aliverescue

A photo posted by Irving and Fine (@irvingandfine) on

7. Shinji “Fox” Profera

Hangs with: Zak Profera, @zakandfox, textile designer

Loves: Posing for pics

Hates: Hanging out with dogs who aren’t actually dogs

Strangers When We Meet

A photo posted by ZAK+FOX (@zakandfox) on

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