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    Well, every year Pantone selects a “symbolic” color for the year ahead that provides a glimpse into what’s going on in our cultural zeitgeist. How are people expressing themselves? What’s the political attitude? Basically, how is the world feeling? Apparently we’re all just trying to stay sane. “As consumers seek

If you’re a design nerd (like me), chances are you spend a decent amount of time combing decor inspiration on Pinterest. Those pristine marble countertops!  That Scandinavian dining room! It’s all too good. Lucky for us, to ring in 2016, the team at Pinterest compiled pins from their most influential

  Whether you jumped on the gram-wagon early or are just getting started, here are 4 hashtags for interior designers to use and how exactly to use them.   1. #ihavethisthingwithfloors   [caption id="attachment_3076" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@zafirahzainal[/caption]   This hashtag was started by an Instagrammer user in Amsterdam and has gone global with over 22k tags.

When it comes to designing a bedroom, the goal is to create a sanctuary where one can rest, relax, and renew. The actual placement of the bed, side table, and other elements in the room don't just affect how aesthetically pleasing the space is. These layouts can actually affect sleep

1. Actually USE your Calendar Make your calendar a place where you schedule EVERYTHING. Be that crazy person that schedules what time you're going to brush your teeth, when to have lunch, when you're going out for a walk (do people still do that?). This will help block out chunks of time

A Venice Beach house was given the full Amber Interiors treatment when a newly engaged California couple enlisted designer Amber Lewis to transform their place into a "zen den". "They wanted a laid back, California eclectic, boho beach pad and I think we gave them just that," Lewis said of

These three mountain homes are not your average vintage-snow-shoes-over-the-fireplace, hot-cocoa-stocked ski houses.   Peter Marino's Rocky Mountain Retreat The "sporty ski chalet" that architect Peter Marino designed for himself and his wife, recently featured on Architectural Digest's site, has the elements of a true mountain home- plenty of cedar wood, touches of wintery flair, and giant windows

For Brittany Bennett, a Brooklyn-based baker and food writer, the kitchen is a place to be inspired and organized. Between running her own pie business (Taartwork) and writing recipe roundups for BuzzFeed (like 17 weird pizza crusts that are actually brilliant), she needs a kitchen to come home to at the end of

The wise Diane Von Furstenberg once said that decorating an apartment was like dressing a woman. So here's a question- if you don't like the way a designer dresses themselves, should they really be dressing your room? It's clearly not an issue for these five interior designers whose personal style

Get inspired by this Homepolish-designed San Francisco home, whose airy vibe and muted color palette serve as a backdrop for the homeowners' own unique treasures. Source 6 of our favorite standout pieces for your next project, below. 1. Pillows that pop Source: Vintage embroidered Jira pillow, $295; shoppe.amberinteriordesign.com 2. Mid-century modern cabinet Source: Organic Modernism Mariposa-3 White

These 6 San Francisco based florists are serving up some major fleurspiration. 1. Ampersand // @ampersand_sf You can easily spot an Ampersand post in your feed by their signature turquoise barn that houses an insane selection of local-grown blooms. The founders, Emerson and Benjamin, are as adorable as their arrangements. 3. Bloom That //

Imagine each of your clients as if they were their own trendy coffee shop. Now choose wisely..   1. The Client: Young Brooklyn transplant who appreciates a good slice of fancy toast [caption id="attachment_3543" align="alignnone" width="500"] Photo: Victor Goods Photography[/caption] The Meeting Spot: The Mill  Instagram (to location tag, of course): @themillsf   2. The Client: The one who

It can be hard to unplug and make space in your mind for things that fall outside the "work" category, but the clarity that comes from taking time to be mindful can have a real impact on your success. Ethan Nichtern, of the Shambala Meditation Center in New York, makes

San Francisco-based designer Ellen Nystrom's love for design was sparked by her love for travel. A year spent in Aix-en-Provence as an undergrad at UC San Diego and a summer in Copenhagen while earning her Masters of Interior Architecture, exposed Nystrom to the wonders of international architecture that continue to inspire the way she designs. Between acting as

Next up in our San Francisco "Behind the Design" series is Lauren Ranes. A quick glance at Lauren's portfolio will make it obvious- the girl's got style. She's the kind of designer that pulls inspiration from everything around her, whether it's an embroidered Valentino dress, a pile of fresh ranunculus, or a bedroom

In a world where inspirational quotes follow you everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to t-shirts and tote bags, it can be easy to dismiss them as trivial typography. But stumbling upon the right quote from the right lady boss one day might be just the motivation you need to start making

Preparing for your first meeting with a new client is a lot like getting ready for a first date. The pressure’s on to impress and create the framework for a strong, trustworthy, long-lasting relationship where both parties are happy. You have one shot to convince your client that you’re the

There's a lot more to being an interior designer than creating really, really, ridiculously good-looking homes.   1. Fielding calls from potential clients concerning design projects.   2. Trying to fit everything in your tote bag.   3. Running to client meetings.   4. Scoring a new client.   5. Estimating time and product costs and writing proposals.   6. Measuring rooms and

    How do you turn a career in banking into a career running a full blown interior design business? Just ask Cecily Mendell, of Cecy J Interiors, who took advice she received in the banking world and channeled it into a business mantra to help power her way through the world of interiors. "An

"The most well curated spaces engage all of the senses, demonstrate effortless balance, and require a heightened awareness towards simplicity," designer Brittany Haines says. "These are the spaces that give us a natural urge to linger." The principal designer of her own firm, Authenticity B Design, Brittany channels inspiration from her father,

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