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Webinar: How to Enhance Your Visual Footprint

Ivy Webinar with Rebecca Zajac

Hosted By: Rebecca Zajac of Design by Numbers

As an interior designer, representing yourself digitally is just as important as your design work. Ivy designer Rebecca Zajac, the Principal Interior Designer of Las Vegas-based firm Design By Numbers, has gained industry fame from her ability to photograph her own work, create and share unique digital content to enhance her brand. Her diverse industry experience from working in TV production, to styling with Emily Henderson, has given her the knowledge, eye, and skill set needed to style, photograph and distribute her digital content beautifully.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why photography is the single best way to gain an online audience
  • How to develop a proper shot list
  • The best props to buy for your shoots
  • How to style and photograph your work
  • How to select which photos and projects make your portfolio (yes, potential clients do judge your portfolio by its cover)
  • How to create unique digital content to gain blog followers, Houzz hits, and website hits via Pinterest

How to Elevate Your Visual Footprint

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