Ivy Webinar Hosted By: Ivy Designer Kelly Fridline of Kelly Fridline Design, LLC


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How renderings have helped designers ‘nail’ projects
  • How to customize textures to portray materials
  • What is Ray Trace and how it is used
  • How to format your rendering/model to Layout
  • How to provide Clients with a ‘walkthrough’ of your design
  • Other ways renderings can work for you to attract more business




About Kelly Fridline

Kelly Fridline is a personable, detail-oriented, and architecturally trained Interior Designer with a specialty in 3D renderings and design documentation. She assists fellow Interior Designers and Architects, who are motivated to present their clients with a clear picture and vision of their designs, with detailed renderings prior to project implementation. She holds a Master of Architecture from SCAD, along with 7 years of professional experience working for several highly regarded firms.


About Ivy

Ivy is the fastest growing community and business management tool for interior designers. If you’re an interior designer still looking for an intuitive tool to run your firm, schedule a personal demo with the Ivy Team here.