Ivy Webinar Hosted By: Ivy Designer Rebecca Orlov of Orlov Design Co.


Ready to save over 21,840 minutes of your valuable time a year on your business? (or an hour a day!) #YES


In this webinar, designers will learn how to embrace time during your work days in a new way so you can use it for what you really want to be doing – your design work! You will get:


  • Smart, inspirational, and accessible hacks (or tips) for managing your time, your website/SEO, your branding and your work/life balance so you can “do it all”, or at least aim towards that.
  • Thoughtfully considered tips and ideas that are achievable & accessible for so they should not be overwhelming but rather empowering for you.
  • A collection of 3 assets that you can totally customize and use for your own business management. It takes a village and Rebecca is happy to help support you!


About Rebecca Orlov

Rebeca Orlov owns Orlov Design Co., a bespoke digital design company based in Las Vegas. We design and build brand identities and Squarespace websites for artisanal brands and creative small businesses.


About Ivy
Ivy is the new preferred business management tool for interior designers. If you are an interior designer in search for an intuitive project management tool for your business, schedule a personal demo with Ivy here.