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What Designers Say About Using Ivy

The Ivy Design Community is comprised of talented designers who use Ivy as a software to manage their invoicing, purchasing, and administrative tasks in one place. Find a list of inspiring designers below.

Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design


I’ve been using Ivy since…

Spring of 2017

The one Ivy feature I can’t live without is…

The Ivy Project Tracker. It’s just such a lifesaver to have so much information in one place, and, to be able to quickly remind myself what items we’ve actually purchased for a project (versus the items I just wanted the client to buy).

Ivy transformed my business by…

Empowering my employees and clients! It’s so efficient and convenient, providing easy access to so many of the details that go into a project.

My favorite paint color of the moment is…

Farrow and Ball’s “Pink Ground”!

My go-to trade vendors are…

Stroheim, Noir, and Made Goods at the moment!


Clara Jung of Banner Day


I’ve been using Ivy since…

February 2017.

The one Ivy feature I can’t live without is…

The Ivy Project Tracker.  It has been a game changer.  It consolidates critical information in one page which allows us to be more efficient with our time.

Ivy transformed my business by…

Giving Banner Day the capability of larger firms without the significant expense of similar programs. Although the time tracking and invoicing features are great, the process-oriented features of Ivy have intuitively streamlined the purchasing and tracking process for us. It has allowed me to grow a team and quickly catch them up on different projects and delegate with little to no oversight.

My favorite paint color of the moment is…

“Stiffkey Blue” by Farrow and Ball. We just used it in a kitchen and it makes a wonderful timeless statement.

My go-to trade vendors are…

Elsie Green when I’m looking for something special with a bit of patina. Four Hands has great furniture for the modern family. Rypen carries many Scandinavian designs and lesser known makers that my clients love.


Kimberley Worswick of Kimberley Kay Interiors


I’ve been using Ivy since…

June 2017.

The one Ivy feature I can’t live without is…

The Ivy Product Clipper (plus everything else, ha!).

Ivy transformed my business by…

Giving me the most professional way to showcase what we are ordering. The EASE of use is seriously the BEST.

My favorite paint color of the moment is…

Well, I’m using lots of “Bright White” from Sherwin Williams but I LOVE any deep taupe colors like Sherwin Williams “Sticks and Stone”.

My go-to trade vendors are…

FourHands, DoveTail, Orient Express, Moes, Alder and Tweed, Palecek,  Meava, and LeftBank Artwork. I stick to just these, this way, I don’t feel super overwhelmed by the amount of vendors out there. Plus the more you purchase, the heavier your discount.


Design Shop Interiors


We’ve been using Ivy since…

May 2018.

Our favorite Ivy features are…

Whitney:  How our clients are able to approve or deny items in their proposal line by line. It’s awesome!

Ashlee: Time and expense tracking makes it super quick and easy to log time on client projects.

Liz: The Ivy Product Clipper

Kaitlyn: Time tracker/entering hours per project.

Nicki: The markup calculator makes invoicing quick and easy!

Bree: The Ivy Product Clipper allows you to click and drag product images and information from vendor websites, making the process of adding new products into Ivy super easy.

Angie: The ability to send clients proposals, and upon their approval, have them pay directly through the invoice.

Ivy transformed our business by….

Streamlining everything. Ivy marries the design side of the business with the business side of the business and makes it feel like a one stop ‘shop’ (no pun intended).  Everything is now in one place and easily accessible.

Our favorite paint colors of the moment are…

Whitney: Farrow and Ball’s “School House White”.

Ashlee: Farrow and Ball’s “Shaded White”. The most perfect bone, greige.

Liz:  “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore.

Kaitlyn: Farrow and Ball’s “Treron”.

Nicki: Farrow and Ball’s “Off Black”.

Bree: Benjamin Moore’s “Feather Down” (953).

Angie: Farrow and Ball’s “Studio Green”.

Leyla: “Pale Oak” by Benjamin Moore.

Our go-to trade vendors are…

Upholstery: Rowe

Lighting: Arteriors and Visual Comfort

Casegoods: CFC / Noir, Palecek


Lindsey Borchard – Lindsey Brooke Design


I’ve been using Ivy since…

Since the very beginning. Probably two years now.

The one Ivy feature I can’t live without is…

The Ivy Product Clipper. It makes adding product to our catalog SO easy. It’s effortless and something that anyone in our company can do.

Ivy transformed my business by…

Not only making me look super professional to my clients, but everything is so organized and makes our job so easy. The advice I’ve gotten from the Facebook community about using to-the-trade vendors has doubled my income and took Lindsey Brooke Design from hobby to full blown business.

My favorite paint color of the moment is…

“Cheating Heart” by Benjamin Moore.

My go-to trade vendors are…

Four Hands, Dovetail, Wendover Art, and Noir.


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