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What You Learn at Interior Design School

The Most Important Things Interior Designers Learn in School


Interior designers are hired to re-structure, re-arrange and re-design spaces for their clients. With that comes great responsibility and a particular creative and technical skillset to execute a project. Attending Interior Design school provides students with the education, qualifications, licenses, and general knowledge of budget and safety to be a successful designer. We asked Ivy Interior Designers to provide their biggest technical, business, client management, philosophical, and experiential learnings from attending Interior Design school.




1. The Principles & Elements of Design  


2. AutoCAD, Rendering, Space Planning/Ergonomics, Scale




3. Learning to draft by hand


4. Critical design thinking




5. Color theory


6. Construction principles and building code




7. The ‘design lingo’


8. How to think critically and holistically about the narrative of space




9. Aesthetics divorced from function are meaningless


10. Pay attention to every detail




Business & Client Management

11. How to network


12. The power of working while you’re taking classes. Internships give you real hands-on experience outside of the classroom. Your internship experience can also help you land your first design job. 




13. Business workflow including design programs and time management


14. Various methods of conveying ideas to clients




15. How to help clients stretch from the status quo


Philosophical & Experiential

16. Fail faster



17. Personal acknowledgment of what you’re capable of


18. Don’t only learn from your instructors – listen to your fellow students. Everyone has something to share with you, you just have to look and listen.




19. Don’t fall in love with your first idea because it may be your last idea


20. Understanding that your skillset of creativity, technicality, spatial and critical thinking is perfect for executing great interior design projects




21. Work hard for you passion


22. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, change your process and try different ways that work for you. Change is a necessity and makes you grow. Just as you get creative in your designs, you have to get creative in your business model.




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