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Bring Your Clients’ Stories to Life With Framebridge

Looking for a way to impress your clients? Try framing your clients’ most cherished memories via Framebridge, the online custom framing company on a mission to change the “frame game”. Simply upload a digital file (which Framebridge will print and frame), or mail in a physical piece (such as a post card) and Framebridge will send you a secure pre-paid mailer for you to mail them the piece.
Tight on time? Framebridge will pair you with an in-house consultant who will recommend the right frame for the right piece or space, as well as recommend frames to include in a pre-existing gallery wall collection. You can even preview your piece in various frames based on your preference or their recommendation. From now on, skip your trip to the framer! Once you’ve made a selection, Framebridge will custom build your frame within 2-3 days and then mail to you, free of charge.
Framebridge walks us through the super-easy framing process, helping interior designers execute their vision, and how to style a gallery wall. Using Framebridge for the first time? Enjoy 15% off your first order using code “ivymark15” (valid through 5/31/2017).

What makes Framebridge “the internet’s best framing service”?
We make it super easy to frame anything you love!


How does the Framebridge framing process work exactly?
If you have a digital photo or art file, simply upload it to our site, choose your frame style, and we’ll print it in-house at one of our factories in Maryland or Kentucky. We’ll custom frame your piece and ship it back to you framed and ready to hang. If you have a physical item (like a matchbook, a set of keys, a photo strip), let us know the dimensions and we’ll send you pre-paid packaging so you can send it our way. Pick the style of frame you want, mail your artwork in, and then sit back and wait for your custom creation to be sent back. Shipping is always on us! Just let us know what type of packaging you need for your item. The return shipment also includes hanging hardware, leaving you approximately zero reasons to not have a beautifully appointed living space.
Prices are clear based on the size of whatever you’re framing, ranging from $39-$159. See all prices here.
Our goal is to use technology to modernize an outdated industry, and leverage a focus on the customer.


What are the different types of framing services Framebridge offers?
As long as it is under 32 x 40 inches, we can frame it! Our customers come to us for everything from photos, to wedding vows, to art prints.
In your opinion, how has technology affected the modern day art & framing world?
Our goal is to use technology to modernize an outdated industry, and leverage a focus on the customer. We have a proprietary in-house work flow tool that we use to create efficiencies in building our product. We utilize technology to create a production process that is efficient and seamless, so we can create a custom product at scale. We know that our customers expect quality, speed, and personalization, so we work really hard to make the customer first in all aspects of the business, and to even exceed their expectations.


Owning our full line of production also allows us to handle small projects for in-home installations, all the way to large-scale hotel projects.

Love Taza

What are some of your best-selling frames?
Customers love both our clean gallery frames Irvine and Mercer, as well as some of our funkier frames like our bamboo gold Mandalay frame, and our burl wood Cairo frame. We also offer our customers an option called Designer’s Choice, our design experts will review your art and propose four flattering styles. We’ll email you our picks, you’ll make the final decision, and we’ll begin framing right away. This is a super popular choice as well!
Who are some of the featured artists who have been working with?
Artists are at the core of what we do, and we are so lucky to work with so many incredible and talented artists! A few artists we work with are The Cartorialist, Amber Vittoria, Garance Dore, Leslee Mitchell, Kate Worum, Laura Berger, and Shantelle Martin. Check out some more of our featured artists here.
Framebridge is also proud to work with artists and interior designers through our Framebridge Art & Trade Program. We offer a wide array of perks for being part of the program: drop shipping, consultative services, a point person who can simplify large orders, and easy invoice management to name a few.


The Framebridge Blog captures special moments that are framed…what are some inspiring Framebridge framing stories?
We have so many! We have really found that every customer has an amazing story. You really only frame things that are meaningful to you, things you love, so we hear amazing stories every day. A few favorites include a photo from the moment a young boy met President Obama, the rules that four siblings made when they were little and built a cardboard fort, and this little girl who got a little sick on a trip to Spain and ended up being a flamenco dancer for a day.


What’s the best way to style a gallery wall?
We love designing gallery walls! We offer a Gallery Wall Service which gives customers the ability to work one-on-one with a member of our design team to create the gallery wall of their dreams. We help you sort through photography, physical objects, and the style that you’re going for so your gallery wall will be the perfect reflection of both you and your space. A few other helpful tips on how to hang your gallery wall can be found here.


How does Framebridge typically work with interior designers?
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing interior designers to offer custom framing for their customers! We help make their vision a reality through sending chop samples to show clients during consultations, customized mounting and mat options, with quick turnaround and drop shipping directly to the end customer. Owning our full line of production also allows us to handle small projects for in-home installations, all the way to large-scale hotel projects.
Can you offer interior designers some tips on how to select the best frames for their clients?
Generally, when you look at a piece of art that needs framing, first consider the style of art. Consider the style of the space where you plan to hang it. Try to narrow down frame choices to a few options that really flatter the art piece, and then pick the one that looks best in the space. The great news is that clean, modern frames look great with any style of art and decor, so you can never go wrong with those!
But of course, don’t be afraid to add a little extra drama! The great thing about art is that it’s subjective, so it’s okay to consider frame styles that speak to you personally, and how you interpret the piece your framing.


Are you an interior designer in search of an easy interior design software and project management tool to run your business? Learn more about Ivy here.