Ivy Webinar: Sustainability Can Change the World (and Your Bottom Line)

“Sustainability” is more than a mere buzzword; it’s an imperative that designers are heeding. Editor Katy Olson will unpack AD PRO’s recent sustainability package, which covers product that’s both green and beautiful to sustainable practices that designers can adopt starting immediately. Attendees will:

  • Learn how to get LEED-accredited
  • Hear about guidelines for sourcing ethical product
  • Get a first glimpse at seven products that blend beauty and sustainability and meet an artisan known for his sustainable woodworking
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about pitching their sustainable-minded projects to AD PRO

10 Tips for Designing and Building Green Living Spaces

An everyday green home is one that impacts daily life through providing a healthy environment with responsibly sourced products that perform for a lasting design. While designing and building “green” does not need to be hard, it does require attention to detail and careful planning to ensure the needed elements are met. In this webinar featuring Green Home Coach, Marla Esser Cloos:

  • Learn what areas of green design can be implemented into your home remodeling/building project
  • Learn the benefits of implementing green building practices and design
  • Learn about best practices and products for implementing green design

Ivy Webinar: How to Craft the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, July 17th  |  12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT

Your email list is the only audience you own outright. Finding time to create content that matters doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn how to grow that contact list and convert them to clients. Attendees will learn:

  • How to grow your email list while adhering to legal guidelines
  • How to leverage existing content to ensure your email marketing feels fresh
  • How to determine what content to add to convert followers to dream clients


Ivy Webinar: Everything you Need to Know About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the most desired flooring type across the globe. How do you incorporate different species, finishes, and textures in widths into your projects?  Join Ivy and Revel Woods as we learn the upcoming trends to make you a sourcing expert from the ground up.

Attendees will learn:

  • A visual history of wood flooring
  • How the cut of the wood affects the grain visual
  • Wide vs narrow: the aesthetic and technical advantages and disadvantages
  • What to look for when sourcing a floor for highly active spaces

How is Ivy different from other business management platforms?

Eric Roseff

Ivy has brought so much order to our office, and given us more time to focus on design…Ivy really cares, and the support they give is unequaled. They help us to be on top of our professional game.

Ivy Webinar: Body Language 101

Do you know what your body language says about you? Let’s dive into Body Language 101 and learn to decode how you are perceived by your potential clients and make the necessary adjustments to increase your sales success!

What attendees will learn:

  • Secrets to improving your first impression
  • How to enhance your presence while speaking to a potential client to show confidence in your service as an Industry Professional
  • The importance of vocal power in making the sale
  • Tricks to avoiding habits and behaviors that may be screaming “not confident” to a client

How do prices change as I grow?

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Alison Giese

Ivy has given me the organizational and process tools that I never even realized I HAD to have to run a design business!