10 Steps to Building a Blueprint For Your Design Business

Stop second-guessing where to focus and start working on the right things, right now. Join this webinar for an exploration of the 10 essential pillars to build a thriving design firm. Knowing the essentials is the first step in the right direction.

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Clarity around the 10 key areas of business you need to pay attention to and why
  • A highlight of the focus areas for those who want a strong start and want to scale fast
  • Discover how to structure for productivity so you can win your day and win your week so you have a work-life balance
  • Find out the #1 mistake design business owners make when strategic planning and how to avoid it

How To Increase Your Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Confidence is like a muscle – if you exercise it, you get more of it.  For professionals running their own businesses, it might just be one of the most important traits to cultivate. In this webinar, you will learn why confidence is vital to your success, how to sharpen your confidence skills, and we will equip you with methods to work through internal blocks.

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Creating and developing confidence
  • The traits of a confident entrepreneur
  • What does it mean to be courageous?
  • Staying committed

Design Your Business By Numbers

Interior design focuses on creating a physical environment that is aesthetically pleasing for the people using the space. This webinar aims to create an understanding of your financial reports that you’ll want to look at as a pleasant experience so that you can confidently make decisions knowing you are making money.

Attendees will learn:

  • Project management – For love or money?
  • Profit and Loss vs Taxable Income –” I have tax to pay but no money to pay it?”
  • Value pricing your business – Don’t leave money on the table
  • The number one reason businesses fail is cash flow – Don’t let this be your Achilles heel

Michelle Binette

We started using Ivy a few years ago, it has helped our processes become so much more efficient in communicating with our clients and our vendors. We tested about three other similar platforms before landing on Ivy. We chose Ivy because of their ongoing innovation, improvement and an intuitive user experience. Thanks Ivy for an amazing product we love using every day!

Sam & Louise Bird

When we have new members of staff join, the first thing we do is set them up on the Ivy tutorials. Within a day of watching the videos they are able to jump straight onto the system and feel very comfortable. For me there is no better system that can create the perfect proposals for our clients. Also, our proposals are consistently the same across all our design team which for us is really important for our brand. Trindade and Bird would highly recommend Ivy to any other interior design companies who are looking to have an organised business.

Valentina Pennazio

The feature I loved the most after the product clipper is the fact that I could send all the proposals through the software directly to the client and they could accept or decline each individual product simply by swiping on the ‘Accept/Decline’ button. Ivy has made the whole process very smooth and the proposals looked very professional and extremely easy for the client to make their decisions.

Kia Stanford

Having Ivy launch in the UK has been exactly not just what our studio needs but what the industry needs! A piece of software that can produce a professional feel from start to finish and make running every project a breeze. It allows my designers and office staff to work collaboratively to keep our projects on budget and on time. We couldn’t imagine running a project without it now.

Stephanie Burden

Ivy changed my life! This system helps me run my business so much more efficiently and effectively. Everything I do for my clients and with my suppliers can be tracked, recorded, attached, invoiced…. you name it! The support I receive from Ivy is second to none when any issues arise, and I really do not know how I would run my business without it.

Alex Gourlay

I’ve used Ivy now for over two years and still love it. It makes my life so much easier, especially when I’m sourcing, and it also keeps track of the (sometimes complicated) finances with each project. It also just looks so much more professional when presenting a client with a proposal or invoice. I couldn’t recommend Ivy highly enough, and have already shared it with many designer colleagues!

Lauren Li

Before Ivy we used spreadsheets and sent never-ending emails between clients and suppliers. We over-ordered pieces or ordered the wrong thing (oops). Mistakes, we made them all. It’s so much harder to make a mistake with Ivy as it streamlines so many processes. We save time and increase profitability.