13 Gifts Interior Designers Want for Valentines Day

13 Gifts Interior Designers Want for Valentine’s Day


No matter how you feel about red roses and heart motifs, let’s be honest: It can be hard to resist Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about a chance to spoil one another and indulge the winter blues away (at least for one day)? With V-Day just around the corner, we polled a few interior designers using Ivy about what kinds of gifts they’d most love to get—and give—for Valentine’s Day.

Karen Leach of Boho Design Studio in Maui

A crystal air plant—On Etsy you can get an amethyst (or another type of crystal) with an air plant attached, sweetly packaged in a little box that says “You Rock” or “You are a Gem”.  Such a cute small gesture for under $20.

Amethyst Plant

AirFriend via Etsy


A luxe accessory—For something high end, I’d get a designer accessory from Hermès or Louis Vuitton, like a business card holder for your purse or nice business pen.  I got a business pen from Tiffany from my first boss, who I assisted for 10 years, and I still keep it in my bag.

An activity to remember—Depending on what’s around, maybe a foodie experience or a helicopter ride around the coast or city. Airbnb has an experience section for different areas where people offer unique things.

Airbnb Experiences


A fruit subscription—Since we live in the age of health, I got someone close to me a Fruit Company subscription and it has been the coolest give. Every month she gets a basket of fruit. Not like “meh” fruit—like, amazing fruit. It’s something unique and different especially for the friend who you know is super organic.

A cashmere scarf—Always a goodie, depending on where you live.

Vanessa Helmick of Fiore Interiors in Portland, Maine

A laser measure—To save precious time! You can find a reliable one in the $80 to $200 price range at hardware stores like Lowes.

A handmade ivy necklaceThese charms sold on Etsy celebrate everything we love about Ivy—friendships that began in a Facebook group and grew into a positive business community and helped break down walls in our industry.

Ivy necklace

Marakelyan via Etsy

New AirPods—Perfect for the interior designer who loves to listen to podcasts. I’ve been listening to Wingnut Social and Kimberley Seldon while making the four-hour round trip to Boston Design Center or in airports like the Logan International Airport on my way to market.

Experiences that immerse us—Preferably in zen (spa, massage etc.) or inspiration (trips to local museums, live music).

Wine—Always wine.

Sarah Walton of Walton Design Studio in Dallas

Kate Spade Brooklyn-scene scarf—It’s versatile and makes a chic addition to any outfit.

Kate Spade Scarf

“Brooklyn Scene Scarf” by Kate Spade via Nordstrom

Florals by Hand—Artist Alli Koch’s new book is so creative and inspiring.

A Voluspa candle—Everyone loves a new, great-smelling candle.

Written by Petra Guglielmetti

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