2018 State of the Industry Interior Design Jobs Salaries Revenue and More

2018 State of the Industry: Interior Design Jobs, Salaries, and Revenue


According to  a new study published by Houzz State of the Industry, 2018 is expected to be a good year for a variety of professions in the home and remodeling space (woo!).

Interior Design State of the Industry_1

In fact, of all the categories, interior designers are expected to see one of the greatest increases in revenue growth!

Revenue Growth of Interior Design Industry

But, we can’t say we did not see this coming…according to the Houzz 2017 report, interior designers were making over a third in gross profit for projects worth more than $10K.

Gross Revenue Profit 2017

However, interior designers aren’t the only professionals in the space enjoying all of the fun. Architects, general contractors, and builders are also seeing significant marginal returns and are now able to charge more!

Curious as to how much exactly? Review the list of jobs and average salaries in the home and remodeling space. 

Senior Interior Designer

Median Annual Salary as of June 2018: $67,152 per year (according to payscale.com)

Senior interior designers are responsible for developing, managing, and recording technical aspects of a project. They work closely with the project manager, design coordinators, and project teams on conceptual designs, presentations, design development, and production. Senior interior designers must be responsible for project deliverables, meeting overall project design schedules, as well as preparing and presenting design presentations. They must inform the project manager of any problems and attend meetings with project managers. Senior interior designers may be required to travel, as well as work long hours when deadlines are approaching.

Junior Interior Designer

Median Annual Salary as of June 2018: $40,142 per year (according to payscale.com)

A junior interior designer is a part of a firm’s interior design team and mainly consults with senior team members about the client’s needs. Information about the client and the client’s intended use for the space allow the junior interior designer to establish critical elements for design. The designer also consults building designs for information on the dimensions of the space to be designed. They may also take a trip to the space – as well as view pictures – to get a better idea of its layout. Once the junior interior designer has more information about the project and the client’s needs, they begin to design the interior (typically using some sort of computer software).

Assistant Interior Designer

Median Annual Salary as of June 2018: $38,696 per year (according to payscale.com)

Assistant interior designers typically work with one or more interior designers – or as part of an interior design team – and help to bring a design to life by working on logistical issues such as taking measurements, arranging for the acquisition of necessary tools, researching product options and ordering necessary materials, and serving as a liaison between the designer and vendors. Interior design assistants may also be called upon to participate in the design process or complete other tasks as needed by their supervisor or team. Individuals in this position typically work in an office setting, although trips to clients’ sites and suppliers are generally required. Different employers will require different levels of education and experience with interior design.

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Median Annual Salary as of June 2018: $39,551 per year (according to payscale.com)

A certified kitchen and bath designer is an interior designer who specializes in designing said rooms and has obtained professional certification through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). As a certified kitchen and bath designer, you’ll work with a variety of clients in their homes, at construction sites, in commercial buildings or in your own office. Kitchen & bath designers assess the space, sketch designs, order materials, create project timelines and oversee the design process. Kitchen & bath designers could also work at a home furnishing store, providing design advice to customers and assisting them with choosing the right cabinets, bathtubs, sinks and other accessories for their rooms. While kitchen and bath design is already a specialty area within interior design, you may also choose to specialize further by focusing on just kitchen design or just bath design.

Interior Decorator

Median Annual Salary as of June 2018: $39,220 per year (according to payscale.com)

An interior decorator designs interior spaces for clients, changing the visual appearance of locations that might include homes, offices, stores, theaters, and other interior areas. They usually need to have an initial consultation with clients to determine their needs and budget, and then develop a potential plan for the decorating project. After the client approves the plan, the interior decorator must work with a variety of contractors and vendors, selecting materials and services, conducting negotiations, and ensuring materials are delivered intact and in a timely manner. Interior decorators oversee project progress and notify clients of progress regularly. If a client is dissatisfied at any step of the process, the interior decorator must work to resolve issues to the client’s satisfaction.


E-Design tends to be a part-time or side job for interior designers who charge anywhere between $50-$200/hour.

An E-Designer is similar to an interior designer in that they both aim to create spaces that are aesthetic, functional, and safe. They work to enhance the quality of living or working environment. An e-designer service offers clients access to the expertise of a designer in a way that’s tailored to a “tech-savvy, budget-conscious, do-it-yourself generation”. The clients that are generally willing (and want) to be active participants in the process – handling many of the logistical aspects like measuring their space, ordering the items, and installation – while the designer puts the look together and provides tools for them to be able to carry it out. It’s fast and fun for the client, and the result is an affordable, professionally designed space. As one Ivy member’s client puts it, “This is a do it WITH me service, not a do it FOR me service.” Read more about the rise of e-design and its implications for interior designers here.

Written by Sarah Rebarber

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