Window Coverings 101 for Interior Designers

5 Window Treatments Tips Interior Designers Swear By


Nowadays, interior designers often shy away from window treatments. That’s a lot of money you’re leaving on the table! Not to add, beautiful draperies or a simple shade truly pull together a room. The Window Coverings Association of America provides industry professionals with networking, educational programs, member discounts, marketing tools, business resources and leadership opportunities that can give interior designers the capability and confidence they need to offer window treatments to their clients.

The Window Coverings Association of America is the only national nonprofit trade association dedicated to the retail window coverings industry and its dealers, decorators, designers, and workrooms who are our members. Ceil DiGuglielmo, Secretary of the WCAA National Board, offers interior designers five tips to tackle window treatments.

Tips written by Ceil DiGuglielmo

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1. Measure and record everything!

Even if you think you are planning to install stationary panels, and you only need window and wall height, measure everything; measure inside the glass, measure the depth of the trim, measure the width of the trim, measure from the floor to the sill, measure from the top of the molding to the ceiling.  Once you leave the client’s home, you may change your mind, or want to include additional features, such as a roman shade under the panels.  Having all of the measurements from the start will allow you to create your vision without having to return to the client’s home.

Window Treatments 101 for Interior Designers

Measuring with Domani Design Studio, Photo courtesy of Ceil Di, LLC

2. Take pictures.

Our memories are never adequate and a photo will show you things you may not have noticed in your excitement of planning and creating.  What about that heat register under the window, will it interfere with the sheers you want to install?  Is the light switch going to be under the side panel?  Is there tile close to the bathroom window that would interfere with a long side jabot?  

Window Coverings 101 for Interior Designers

Photo courtesy of Ceil Di, LLC

3. Listen to your client and manage their expectations.

You are the expert and you know what your client needs, but only if you listen.  Is it privacy or light control that drives their decision?  Or is it style?  You will only know if you are open to hear them.

Window Coverings 101 for Interior Designers

4. Establish relationships with you workroom and installer.

As with all of your tradespeople, this is what will take your finished design to a much higher level.  If you have a great relationship with your workroom they will always do their best to make you look good. Their expertise and knowledge frees you up to do what you do best. A professional installer will save you hours of headaches, but only if you include them from the beginning for unusual or difficult installs. Communication with your workroom and installer will create a positive experience for your client. And you!

Window Treatments 101 for Interior Designers

Photo courtesy of Ceil Di, LLC

5. Find your tribe!

Network, collaborate, volunteer to do a design home, join organizations like the WCAA, IFDA and ASID.  These are the groups of people who do what you do, who know what you are going through and can be mentors, selling partners, referral partners and friends.  And once you join these groups, help out!  The more you give, the more you put yourself out there, the more confidence and exposure you will get!

Window Coverings 101 for Interior Designers

WCAA Marketing Steven Long Photography

About Ceil DiGuglielmo 

Ceil DiGuglielmo is the owner of Sew Much More Custom Sewing. As a to the trade window treatment and soft furnishings workroom, Ceil loves collaborating with designers to bring their vision to completion for their clients. Passionate about education and technology in her industry, Ceil regularly attends conferences, seminars, and classes to keep up with industry standards and hone her skills. She is a Window Fashion Certified Professional Workroom.

As a member of the WCAA she has served as President of her local Pennsylvania chapter and currently serves as Secretary on the National Board.

Ceil produces and hosts The Sew Much More Podcast, an interview style podcast with members of the window treatment and soft home furnishings industry.

Ceil is a Certified Evernote Consultant, teaching workrooms and designers how to effectively use Evernote to organize and access all of the information necessary to run their businesses.

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