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Capturing Spaces With Kathleen Harrison Photography


Kathleen Harrison of Kathleen Harrison Photography shares her experience transitioning into photography, tips on how to best capture an interior, and why lighting is everything.

Photography courtesty of Kathleen Harrison Photography

How did you get where you are today as a photographer?

When I graduated from college, I planned on working internationally having studied French Business in Paris and at Boulder. Life decided to take me on a different path and I started working at Macy’s where I opened the gourmet food department.  I later transitioned into luxury hotels sales.

Years later, as I was planning my wedding, I simply fell in love with my wedding’s photographer editorial style. I realized that I needed to unlock my true passion and soon became an editorial wedding photographer.  Shortly thereafter, I landed my first multi-million dollar wedding and my career took off.
Kathleen Harrison Photography

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You specialize in luxury lifestyle, fashion, faces, and beautiful place. What do you enjoy about photographing a space? And what’s particularly complicated about capturing an interior?

What I enjoy about being a photographer is that it takes me on an adventure on every shoot. Whether I am photographing someone’s home, space, family or head shot, my day is never dull or monotonous. To capture an interior well, you need a combination of good light, good composition, and the right lens. I think the hardest part of photographing an interior is trying to balance the indoor and outdoor light and make it look natural.  Mirrors can cause complications but we are blessed with photoshop to problem solve these complications.
In your opinion, how has social media impacted the photography industry?
I would say many people are visual.  Social Media via Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook give clients inspiration and ideas to help them personalize their projects.  Photography is the means to show clients what is possible.
Kathleen Harrison Photography

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Can you name some projects you are particularly proud of?
I am really proud of the work I did through the Marin Designer Showcase House in 2010 and 2012.  I spent months working on both projects photographing the before, during and after of each home, as well as developed wonderful relationships with talented designers.
How do you prepare your client for a shoot?

As an editorial photographer, my talent lies in sizing up the space and working the many angles to give clients a choice of images.  I work fast, put clients at ease and guarantee my work.  Most of my clients are repeat clients so they already know what to expect from having worked with me before.

Kathleen Harrison Photography

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For the interior designer photographing a project without hiring a professional photographer, what are 3 tips of best practices for capturing the space?
Shoot wide, shoot tight, shoot natural light.
How important is lighting to shooting an interior space?
Lighting is everything in photography.  Lighting is energy, so if you want to give an interior a good feeling, the lighting must be ideal.  A dark space will just look dark. Best to find the time of day that feels good in the space and bring in lights when needed.
Kathleen Harrison Photography

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What are some common mistakes to avoid?
I think it is wise to hire a professional photographer in the beginning of your career to help you develop a consistent professional portfolio.  I also think spaces need “warming” up so best to stage a house to make it look more lived in and not cold and sterile.
How do you maintain a good photographer/client relationship?
I like communication, being on time, being efficient, and delivery on client’s schedule.  It is important to build trust when working with any client.
Kathleen Harrison Photography

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What are your goals for the new year?
I hope to start doing luxury lifestyle photography for boutique high-end hotels around the world.  Mexico is my first stop.
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