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As we ring in the New Year, the time is now to reflect and be grateful for the year we’ve had. It’s also time to evaluate 2016 and consider innovative ways we can be more creative and efficient in the year to come. Where you physically work has a great impact on your productivity. LiquidSpacea platform which allows you to rent or list unused office space, helps you discover on-demand workspace that fits your needs. Whether you run your business at home and you’re looking for a day pass to host a client meeting, or you run your business in an office that has room for some extra bodies, LiquidSpace has a solution for you.

Here, LiquidSpace discusses the trend of flexible workspace, the impact of layout and design on productivity, and making “workspace choice” accessible to everyone.

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What is LiquidSpace all about, and how does it work exactly, both for a lister and renter?

LiquidSpace is the largest real-time network for office space. We simplify the discovery, listing, and transaction of office space. Professionals like interior designers, business founders and freelancers come to LiquidSpace to discover the workspace solution that fits their immediate needs – a private office to review proposals with a client for a couple of hours, or a desk month by month to focus on growing their business. Private businesses like design and architectural companies monetize space they are not using by leveraging simple, digital tools to list their space and connect with professionals and high growth teams.

Based on your knowledge of the real estate and work space industry, why do you think so many people are willing to use innovative companies like LiquidSpace and WeWork to rent office space?

Several trends are combining to make people demand flexible office space. Small businesses that make up almost 50% of job growth are choosing to pay only for the space they are using. Millennials are choosing rental over ownership due to staggering educational debt and emphasis focused on amenities rather than stability and ownership. Sharing economy companies from Uber, to AirBnB to LiquidSpace are making sharing assets a lot more affordable, engaging and sustainable. Startups and professionals often choose co-working such as WeWork as an easy amenity-filled option. LiquidSpace gives people access to hundreds of local co-working spaces, plus access to shared space from private businesses, and customizable space where companies can create their own culture.

LiquidSpace Fluid Desk

What is LiquidSpace’s criteria for those who’d like to list a space for office rental?

Businesses that have extra space such as desks, offices, suites or unfurnished commercial space can list on LiquidSpace. A friendly attitude of course helps. List each of your available spaces with pictures, descriptions and decide if you want to take reservations for an hour, a day, month by month or years. Businesses decide who they approve and for how long and start collecting the checks.

Does LiquidSpace assist listers with the design of their spaces to be more attractive for renters?

Yes. LiquidSpace provides an easy onboarding experience that walks a person listing their space through merchandising best practices and provides insight into what guests are looking for. We also provide photography services to help you best merchandize your space. Plus, each person gets access to their workspace concierge who is available to answer any questions.

LiquidSpace Chelsea

In your opinion, how does the layout and design of an office space impact productivity?

Workspace design is part art and part science, and when done right, enhances people’s productivity and happiness. However, people’s needs are diverse. We are fortunate to have over 2,500 venue partners, many of which are in the business of designing impactful space. Some people want a co-working space with brick walls, that’s dog-friendly and has lots of light. A team might want to rent space from a design studio with other designers like themselves and puts value on the people rather than the space. Our design team picked their favorites here.

Why do you think the Bay area is LiquidSpace’s fastest growing market?

There is great entrepreneurial energy in the Bay Area and people tend to adopt technology that simplifies their work life. Startups and professionals that don’t want to commit to a 5 year lease get the space they need now to test out their idea. However, we also see huge growth in New York, and Texas is heating up too. Professionals beyond the Bay area are adopting the flexible way of working that was previously costly or just inaccessible to them.

LiquidSpace Coworking Lounge

Who are some interesting companies using LiquidSpace for their office space?

Well that really depends on how you define interesting :-). Companies as large as Accenture and AirBnB are using LiquidSpace to create hub offices in different cities. Startups from Kids Cool Ride that focus on school transportation to Tough Mudder are renting or listing their team offices. And professionals from Interior Designers to Fashion Consultants are leasing office space.

Are your customers more interested in short term or long term spaces?

Right now it is about split and depends on the customer’s needs. Design professionals are booking conference rooms to meet with clients, day passes to get out of their home office, training rooms to hold design workshops and their office so they can focus on their business.

LiquidSpace The Food Loft

What are some of your most popular LiquidSpaces? Why do you think that is?

We have over 2,500 venue partners in 630 cities with a variety of environments so there is something for everyone.  Our LEXC coworking partners focus on hospitality, design and community and are favorites amongst bookers. Private Offices are popular with professionals.

Are there any other innovative and disruptive tech companies you admire?

We love Slack for their focus on connection and simplicity, Zappos for their customer service and Tesla for their big vision and focused execution. We’re also fortunate to be in the NFX Guild where each batch surprises us – like Ivy’s sleek tools that make the tedious fun for Interior Designers.

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What’s your focus for 2017?

We are looking forward to making “LiquidSpace”, the verb, synonymous with securing flexible office space, delivering delight in every part of our customer’s experience and making workspace choice accessible to everyone.

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