How You Can Express Your Love For Your Clients


Valentine’s Day is wonderful opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care, including your clients. As an interior designer, your client is someone you connect with regularly, on a very personal level. Your client is someone who has entrusted you to re-design their home so you can enrich their quality of life. This makes you memorable and a person they certainly care for! This Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile and share the love with your current and past clients with a little something special to make them smile.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Interweb to the Rescue

Didn’t have time for hand-written notes? You can thank your clients near and far for their loyalty and business with a social media post, newsletter or e-card. Whether it be a Valentine’s themed giphy, or shout out to your audience on Instagram and Facebook, acknowledging your client-base and thanking them for their business is always appreciated.

Send a Last Minute Bloom

Sending flowers to your current clients or recently closed projects is a nice way to say “I’m thinking of you” while warming up the space you so wonderfully designed. This also gives you the opportunity to show off your taste yet again with a bouquet that reflects your aesthetic. BloomThat is offering last minute blooms for same day delivery!

Service is Everything

Tune in your inner customer support rep. Yes, your client hired you for your design expertise, however, flexibility, compassion and understanding comes with the gig. Going back and forth with a recommended tile for a backsplash or dealing with an indecisive client? Mind your manners and remind yourself that the client comes first and patience is a virtue. Patience might feel unnoticed at times, but this habit will take you far.

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