Interior Designer Approved Father’s Day Gifts


If there’s one type of person out there that’s great at gifting, it’s an interior designer. Known for their impeccable taste for all things beautiful, designers are also great at sourcing functional things. And what do Dad’s love? Things that serve a real purpose. In the spirit of steering our Dads in the right direction, here’s a list of smart interior designer approved Father’s Day gifts that will help your Dad remain stylish, focused, and “put together”.

A sophisticated gallery wall of acceptable prints and photography

Photo courtesy of @artfullywalls

Artfully Walls prints. Photo courtesy of @artfullywalls.

A chic bluetooth tracking device to ensure Dad never leaves the house without his keys, phone, or wallet

Tile "Tile Style" - $25 for the 1-pack, $45 for the 2-pack

Tile “Tile Style” – $25 for the 1-pack, $45 for the 2-pack

A stylish garment bag to avoid crinkly clothing when traveling

A low noise desk fan to avoid appearing sweaty in meetings on hot summer days

Muji “LOW NOISE USB DESK FAN WHITE” – $29.50. Photo courtesy of @mujiusa.

A trendy Backgammon set that you’ll feel okay displaying on your coffee table

A cute puzzle to tackle with the kids and be proud to frame once complete

Smart and child-proof speakers for those family dance parties

Sonos "Two Room Set with Sonos One" - $379

Sonos “Two Room Set with Sonos One” – $379. Photo courtesy of @sonos.

Wireless headphones so Dad can take a business call while making breakfast for the kids

Beats "Beatsx" - $119.95

Beats “Beatsx” – $119.95

A stylish shuffle board for family game night

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