Interior Designers’ Business Goals for 2018


As a creative entrepreneur, each year gives you a clean slate to evaluate the state of your business, strategize, and instill business resolutions to increase revenue, awareness, and satisfaction. Having a hard time creating realistic business goals for 2018? Be sure to come up with SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Take some inspiration from the honest business & design resolutions Ivy Designers share for 2018. Wishing you a successful and happy New Year!

Lead Image by A Design Partnership

“Better structure the use of my time and start charging appropriately for it.”

“Set realistic increased revenue growth for 2018 from 2017. If you don’t mark-up your products, familiarize yourself with the trade sourcing game–this will be an income game changer.”

“Be profitable enough to ‘have a life’ and not just work and sleep.”

“I am still in my first year of business, but for 2018, my focus is to increase my rates so that I do not need to work so hard. I have already increased my hourly rate for a project that starts on January 5th!”

“Make a strong focus on profitability by creating and running detailed project reports for projects such as: financial (costs involved with contractors, supplies, overhead- break up by # of clients and percent of time dedicated to that client), time budgeted vs. time used (save to use as future reference when estimating), and lessons learned (list and discuss with team).”

“Learn the basics of become more proficient in key softwares such as Chief Architect, SketchUp, Photoshop, etc.”

“Complete my procedures manual.”

“Set and follow a system for each stage of a project.”

“Only accept projects that I’m truly interested in.”

“Quit my day job and pursue my business full time.”

“Increase public awareness of my business location by attending more local meetings, hosting community events, adding signage to my doors, submitting details to Google Business, etc.”

“Add 3-4 excellent projects to my portfolio.”

Design by @unpatterned, Wallpaper by @relativitytextiles, Photo by @aimeemazzenga

Design by @unpatterned, Wallpaper by @relativitytextiles, Photo by @aimeemazzenga

“Update my website.”

“Book photoshoots for projects not photographed and be sure to photograph all projects moving forward.”

“Strategically submit projects to relevant magazines and blogs.”

“Develop a content & social media strategy and post more regularly and consistently.”

“Embrace the help of my assistant more. I find it hard to delegate jobs or responsibilities, it’s just the control freak in me. Plus, I work very hands-on and closely with my clients so it’s hard let go of some of the work load. But, in order to take on more projects, I know I will need to set up a clear structure and give more responsibility to her.”

“Buy a laptop.”

“Pay off business credit cards.”

“Grow and learn from all of our mistakes so that we can keep gaining clients we desire.”

“Attend to 3 design conferences/trade shows.”

“Better understand and build relationships with wholesale / trade vendors.”


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