Ivy’s DBC 2018 Recap


We left the Design Bloggers Conference with loads of insights and inspirations that we’d love to share with you!

Develop a Collaborative Relationship with your Photographer. Here’s why:

Imagery consistency

Mutual understanding of design vision

Already familiar with your website and image needs

Develop a work groove and work together quickly


Prep for Photoshoots with your Photographer

Pre-plan paperwork.

Schedule the shoot when distractions aren’t there (i.e. the client and kids).

Collect accessories in your travels so you always have props to style a bookcase.

Don’t make holes in client walls…retouch art into portfolio shots!

On the day of the shoot, dedicate one room that’s not being used as the “staging room”.

Shoot the same shot in a few different ways so you can re-market the same project for different publications.

Instagram is your #1 Marketing Tool

Most designers are discovered in Instagram. Get your social media presence in order. Cool social media = cool interior design firm.

Post once a day.

Use Instagram Stories – this is good for the algorithm” giving you more exposure.

Instagram Stories don’t need to be perfect…this is where you can “get real”.


Business Philosophies

“Your vendor is just as important as your client.” – Miles Redd

“You’re only as good as your workrooms.” – Miles Redd

“Always provide clarity and reassurance.” – Consort Design

“If you can perfect the pitch, you can make things happen.” – Amy Flurry

Photography is the most crucial part of your pitch. Pictures tell the story the editor is not seeing.

Make sure you have an editorial photo of yourself that makes it seem like you belong in the publication.

When you hire a photographer, make sure you have the rights you need to use the photos from the beginning.

Do your research. Pitch to the pubs you know your clients read.

Keep your pitch short. You’re doing your editor a favor by getting straight to the point.

Pitching Etiquette Tips by Stacy Kunstel of Dunes & Duchess

Don’t submit your project to more than 1 publication at a time.

Don’t send huge files that take forever to download. Send through low-res jpegs in the initial pitch.

Once you’re ready to send through the hi-res images, send through all images in one folder and make sure to label all photos and folder with your information.

If you haven’t heard back from the editor after your first email, follow-up 2 weeks later.

The Power of Color

Color is powerful

Color can be iconic

Color can polarize

Color can unite

Color can change moods

Color can inspire action

Color can heal

Here at Ivy, we’re more than just an interior design software. Our mission is to provide interior designers with the community, resources and tools needed to manage your business beautifully. Are you searching for a business management tool to help streamline your workflow as an interior designer?