Ivy Designer Meet Up in Nashville

Nashville Ivy Designer Gathering with Laura Thurman, Amy Flurry & Kathy Kinton


Ivy Designer Laura Thurman of Laura Thurman Design hosted a two-day Ivy Designer gathering in her Nashville home, welcoming local Ivy Designers for tasty food, learnings and conversation. After warm introductions amongst local Ivy Designers and a tasty spread by Laura, they jumped into a presentation by Amy Flurry, former editor, author of “Recipe for Press”, and PR Expert who conducted a crash course on how to pitch projects to magazine editors.

The informative presentation on how to achieve PR on your own led to a more in-depth, thoughtful discussion. Amy took the time to speak to each Ivy Designer personally and establish the “hook,” the essence of their story and the angle in which to pitch it. Ivy Designers learned that individual press is achievable on their own and felt empowered to take the first step in pitching to the publications for their next feature.

Part two of the Ivy Nashville gathering was led by Kathy Kinton and focused on custom window treatments and bedding. All too often designers are leaving money on the table by purchasing prefab drapes and bedding. They discussed valuable resources such as Fabricut and Cashmeres custom workrooms, drapery styles, and proper workroom order procedures.

A special thank you to Laura Thurman for hosting, Amy Flurry and Kathy Kinton for your time and guidance, and the Ivy Designers who participated in contributing to the Ivy community, continuing education and growth in friendship and business practices.

Ivy Design Firm Thurman Design Studio is a creative interior design firm based in Nashville, Tennessee with L.A. flair., providing creative and thoughtfully executed custom interior design and e-design. They work with developers and individuals with projects both large & small, serving clients both locally and throughout the U.S. Their goal is to educate and inspire their clients as they collaborate together, to create beautiful spaces that reflect their values and personality.

Amy’s book is available at www.recipeforpress.com and her second book, Recipe for Press: Interior Designer Edition will be available in January of 2018.  Enter “ivy” at checkout for a 20% discount on Recipe for Press, on her 2017 Media List and all other products.

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