Now Easily Purchase From 260 Trade-Only Vendors on Ivy!


Today, Ivy launched a Discovery Portal for its users to connect and transact with purchasing agents, contractors, freight providers, 3-D renderers, industry bookkeepers and vendors all within the Ivy platform. This allows interior design firms to easily work with the best service providers in the industry, exponentially expanding their trusted professional network.
Ivy’s goal with this feature is to further empower firms to streamline operations and be more profitable on projects by working with the right resources. For instance, Ivy Members can now purchase from over 260 trade-only vendors through Ivy purchasing agents, as well as connect with the best pros for their needs. This removes the hurdle of needing to meet minimums to place wholesale orders or spend time setting up trade accounts. For Ivy Members, this means more money from mark-ups, more freedom to source and more time for design.
Ivy has harnessed the power of the Ivy Designer Network and Knowledge Exchange to ensure this resource is unparalleled to any other available in the industry….and this is just the start!
#MakeTimeForDesign #IvyRevolution

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