Pantone colors of the year 2016 interior design

Pantone’s Colors of the Year and Other Things That Look Like Cotton Candy


Well, every year Pantone selects a “symbolic” color for the year ahead that provides a glimpse into what’s going on in our cultural zeitgeist. How are people expressing themselves? What’s the political attitude? Basically, how is the world feeling? Apparently we’re all just trying to stay sane. “As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for security are becoming more prominent,” Pantone says.

So why two? According to Pantone, the choice to appoint two colors is a statement on gender equality, a hot topic this year that we don’t anticipate going anywhere soon. No longer is the design world separated by “masculine” and “feminine”, but rather a harmonious mix of the two, resulting in togetherness and peace. (prayer hands emoji)

Quartz and Serenity are noticeably different than previously chosen Colors of the Year, which include much harsher hues like Marsala (earthy burgundy), Radiant Orchid (purple), Emerald (bright green), and Tangerine Tango (orange). The colors this year are gentle, calming, weightless, and frankly, they make me want cotton candy.

If we could design a Pantone-themed, cotton-candified room of our dreams, these 5 pieces would be in it.


Lindsey Adelman Branching Pendant 05.02


Eskayel Setting Sun Raspberry Wallpaper/Fabric

ABC Home Sofa

Muuto Pink Rest Sofa


Aelfie Hydrangea Sheepskin


Ombre Wool Throw