Paying Attention to Trends & High Quality Materials with Wildwood


We sat with Wildwood, a vendor providing the interior design community with a one-stop sourcing experience for lighting and decorative accessories. Their team of world traveling designers are committed to producing products that are up-to-date and fashion-forward. Wildwood shares with us their popular product categories, how they collaborate with interior designers, and their market strategy.

Photography courtesy of Wildwood

What’s Wildwood’s design mission?
To provide aesthetic value and timeless elements of design for all of our buyers’ needs.

Wildwood is a destination for designers to source lighting, accent furniture and decorative accessory options. What are your most popular products?
Wildwood is known for high quality lighting with an approachable price point for any project. We provide a wide selection of uniquely designed lamps with texture, color, and a great range of scale. Accent furniture is a recent addition to the line and it provides a stage for the lamps and decorative accessories to shine, making Wildwood a one-stop shopping destination for any project. Our most popular products continue to be our selection of table lamps, but categories like accent furniture and decorative accessories are growing at a high rate.

How have your product offerings / collections evolved with modern trends over the past few years?
Wildwood focuses on material for trends, while paying close attention to quality in our product we are known for in the industry. The Wildwood design team travels the world, sourcing sustainable raw material like abaca, bamboo, rattan for furniture and we embrace the brass revival with our lighting; incorporating alabaster and crystal in lamps and keeping modern clean lines in our chandeliers. We source from over 16 countries including the United States.

What’s unique about Wildwood’s online sourcing experience?
Wildwood is committed to providing the best online experience for its customers. Our website,, gives customers access to real-time inventory levels, pricing and online ordering. Many other vendors do not show live inventory which creates issues for interior designers that are specifying products for a job that has a deadline. Our customers have a username and password for our website. When they log in, they can print tear sheets, see high-resolution product images and lifestyle imagery. The website allows designers to create “Projects” where they can add multiple items to a group for a particular job that they are working on. Our lines of lighting, furniture and decorative accessories total over 2,500 products. This broad range of items and feels creates a one-stop-shop for interior designers and keeping projects organized is a key concern. Customers can see all of their orders and invoices on the website, giving them easy access to re-ordering and confirming order deliveries.

How do you typically collaborate with designers and other home & remodeling professionals?
Our relationships with customers are key to our business model. Our sales representative team consists of many former interior designers and furniture store owners. This allows our sales team to provide more than just a sales pitch. Our sales reps offer advice and curated selections for customers. We encourage our reps to visit projects that our customers are working on, help customers with installs, and be there whenever a customer needs help.

Do you attend markets? If so, which markets, and what’s your market strategy?
Wildwood has permanent showrooms in High Point and Atlanta. We believe that it is important to provide our customers with the ability to touch and feel the handcrafted works of art that we create. Our focus is to create high-quality, unique lighting, furniture and decorative accessories. We want our customers to be able to touch and feel that quality. In addition to our permanent showroom locations, Wildwood also shows at the HD Expo in Las Vegas and BDNY in New York City. As we continue to grow, we expect to open more permanent showrooms in locations domestically and internationally.

What’s the busiest time of year for Wildwood? 
High Point Market in April and October are certainly the busiest times of the year for Wildwood. Our High Point showroom has been in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District for over 25 years. We have grown from a 1,500 square foot showroom to our current space of 14,000 square feet. We see a significant increase in orders from new introductions at High Point Market, market specials and free freight programs.

Why is it important for interior designers to embrace a business management software like Ivy to manage their sourcing, billing, purchasing, and administrative tasks online?
Interior designers balance creativity, project management, and client satisfaction. Ivy keeps the project on point and on time so the interior designer can source, create more clearly, and keep clients happy.

What’s Wildwood’s focus for 2019?
Relationships. We are a family owned business and we truly appreciate our customers. We will continue to build our relationships in 2019 and provide the needs for wherever their projects take them.

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