Refreshing San Francisco’s Historic Architecture with Thomas Building Group

Custom Builder Spotlight: Thomas Building Group – San Francisco/Bay Area

Tom – how did you get where you are today?
I made a huge career change. I went from graphic design / advertising to building. In college, I had helped a friend build a couple of custom houses and realized after I got deep into advertising that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Thus, I took a huge leap of faith and began to learn the trade of building from the ground up.


What is Thomas Building Group’s speciality?
Tom the builder evolved to Thomas Building Group in 2012. Thomas Building Group, also known as TBG, is always striving to do more than what is just “drawn up” by an architect. We always try to build something that will last forever and make it the most special to my clients. TBG pays close attention to detail. We are always trying to create the impossible, and this is what my clients appreciate. After we receive plans from an architect, we always collaborate with the team to produce the best results for our client. TBG brings a design/build aspect to every job, every home, every project.
Are there certain elements to the building and construction process that are unique to the San Francisco/Bay Area?
Bringing a fresh new look to San Francisco’s historic architecture is always an exciting challenge.
Designing, developing, and constructing a new look for San Francisco while respecting its history is always a number one priority for TBG.
Based on your knowledge of the industry, how is technology impacting the architectural, building & design process?
Home automation is changing how clients relate to their homes. From remotely locking and unlocking doors, security monitoring, home entertainment and sound systems throughout the home, to highly efficient heating and cooling systems, technology is truly helping clients enjoy their homes to an even deeper level. Also, new materials allow homes to be more insulated and sealed. There are now better windows, waterproofing, siding, and so on, which keep homes more comfortable on the inside and helps save on overall energy costs.
How does custom building make you feel?
Building makes us feel proud. Excited is an even better word. We get excited going to work knowing we will be faced with challenges from the building side while having to figure out how to make homes aesthetically pleasing and functional. We blend function and form, and although it’s not easy, the challenge is what motivates us. Every day is different.

Custom Collaboration with Daniel Hopper Design + Adair Design Group

What’s your business mantra?
It’s never good enough until it’s perfect.
How do you typically work with interior designers?
I love working with designers – designers are an integral part of the process. Watching an empty structure turn into a home with a cohesive team behind the project assures a happy client and a job well done. Designers’ visions push me to re-think my thought process as we collaborate on turning a structure into a home.
What’s the best part about working with an interior designer? 

The necesarry help to turn sheetrock and wood into a visually stunning masterpiece.

How do you maintain healthy relationships with tradespeople? 
Listening. Taking advice. Being open to other ideas and thoughts.
Who are some of your favorite Bay Area vendors and designers that you enjoy working with?
Favorite Designers
Favorite Tradesmen
  • Daniel Hopper Design: Daniel is a Bay-Area blacksmith whose creativity is endless.
  • Steve Doriss: Steve Doriss is a mill-worker and fine furniture maker who never says no. We designed a custom bar!
  • J&A Stone & Tile: Joseph and Alex are the best of the best.
  • Goodrich Plumbers
Favorite Suppliers
Which tools do you use to help you with your project management?
QuickBooks Online. I’m always looking for ways to streamline. Hey IvyMark, when are you coming out with an affordable software for builders?

Master bath at Pacific Heights Residence

What are some of your goals for 2017?
1. Continue sourcing the best of the best in the industry.
2. Increase my team.
3. Building a home that will stand the test of time.

Custom Collaboration with Steve Dorris + Adair Design Group

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