The Best Website Templates for Designers

The Best Website Templates for Designers


As a designer, your brand is built on visual identity. Your website is the foundation for marketing your business, as it acts as the anchor point for all your portfolio images. As photography from your portfolio of work is shared on social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram, having a well-built website will help to ensure those projects are credited back to you.

A well-designed, professional website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in a competitive industry. While working with a web designer is ideal, it isn’t always in the budget for interior designers. New web platforms make it easy to create simple, beautiful and effective websites for interior designers without any coding experience. By selecting a strong website template, you can create a high-end website design in a few days.

After years of experience, over 100 websites launched, and dozens of branding projects in the interior design industry, we’ve curated a list of the best website templates for interior designers on our two favorite platforms.

Each template serves as a strong starting point to build a beautiful web design. Below, we’ve listed what we like about each template, as well as what to consider when selecting a web platform. Each template serves as a strong starting point to build a beautiful web design. Read on for the best website templates for interior designers and how to use them.

The Best Website Templates for Designers

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As a website platform, Wix is always our first choice to build on. Cost-efficiency, self-hosting, and 100% customization ability prove it to be trustworthy and limitless. What makes Wix entirely unique from a designer’s standpoint is also what makes Wix’s templates stand out from a user standpoint.

Graceful, modern animations take generic templates and make them feel entirely custom. There are no grids to follow, no complicated coding to limit you, and virtually zero design limitations. Anything is possible with Wix and that is imperative to a creative interior designer. You can read more about why we recommend Wix for all our clients here.

Remember that each of the templates below can easily add a blog and an e-commerce store.

  • Fresh + Modern – We love this website template for its clean lines and simple user interface. The left side menu bar is the especially trending right now in web design and showcases portfolio projects clearly. Additionally, the bio page is a modern take on a traditional “about” page. The editorial layout helps tell your full brand story, and adds content to help improve your SEO.
  • Simple + Crisp – This website template was built specifically for interior designers and features a single page scroll. This website format has become especially popular for designers as it showcases an assortment of images along with the content of the website. By keeping all your website content on a single page, you can increase the keyword count and can potentially improve SEO. This template also translates beautifully to mobile devices and looks super impressive from your phone.
  • Unexpected with an E-Commerce Store – Our absolute favorite Wix template, this e-commerce website template transitions to a beautiful portfolio site for interior designers. The e-commerce option is especially beneficial as more interior designers are opening their own home décor boutiques online. The animations are beautiful and craft such a unique experience for website visitors. There is a press page already built in which is a perfect place to showcase projects which have been published.
The Best Website Templates for Designers

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Particularly popular with interior designers, Squarespace offers a great foundation for a simple, functional and beautiful website design. Because the platform works on a grid based system, any website built on Squarespace will always be symmetrical and minimally designed. Squarespace themes are far more limiting than Wix templates, which can be beneficial to those who DIY their websites.

Many of our interior design clients had originally created their websites on Squarespace, so when we worked together, we crafted new templates from scratch. Banner Day, Scout Modern and Decorotation, for example, were all built on Squarespace after a full brand design and custom website build. Below, are our three favorite Squarespace templates to work from.

  • Brine – This template works beautifully as an e-commerce shop, but also translates well to a portfolio site for interior designers. The parallax images and call to action buttons make for a custom feel and simple user interface.
  • Bedford – A beautiful, image focused website template, the home page slider gallery can truly highlight interior design projects wonderfully. The menu breakdown works well for interior designers with many portfolio projects, and the “Take Action” button is a great way to increase design inquiries. Bedford’s blog is beautifully laid out with most customization options than most Squarespace templates.
  • Native – One of Squarespace’s most simple themes, the Native template works well for new interior designers who may not have an extensive portfolio. By focusing on blog content while building a portfolio, your website can still look full and professional.
The Best Website Templates for Designers

Photo by Banner Day Interiors

Both platforms offer beautiful website templates for interior designers using a little bit of creativity. Don’t focus on the type of business the template is catering to, focus on the look and feel of the template. Functionality is key, so begin with considering what pages are most appropriate for your business. While all of these options provide a great foundation, remember they are still a template, and accessible to everyone.

Templates are a fantastic starting point for a new interior design business. However, after two or three years in business, it may be time to differentiate your brand from the competition with a professionally designed, custom website. Additional benefits of working with a professional web designer include optimizing your portfolio and blog for Pinterest, developing a lead funnel and building in search engine optimization to help your website be discovered on Google.

The Best Website Templates for Designers

Anastasia Casey of The Identité Collective. Photo by Madeline Harper Photography

If you begin with the best website templates for interior designers, but are feeling overwhelmed, we can help. When you are ready to hand over your website project, please reach out to us directly! For additional branding and web design tips, catch up on the blog here.

The Identité Collective is a full service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and Instagram management, we help brands built around beautiful living elevate their digital presence to represent the physical spaces they design. We’ve worked with designers like Lindsey Brooke Design, Scout Modern, Decorotation, Lexi Westergard, Ashley Montgomery and Banner Day. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.

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Written by Anastasia Casey

Founder, Creative Director

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