The Daily Moments of an Interior Designer


No two days are the same as an interior designer. One moment you’re fielding client calls, the next you’re putting together a presentation. You may spend the mornings at the design center and the afternoon at a photoshoot. And on a Saturday, you may be putting out a fire at a client install. No matter what kind of design business you’re running or working for, these daily interior design moments will feel very familiar.

Adding beautiful florals to a bathroom vanity

Hopping in the back of a moving truck to unpack boxes

The Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

Photo via Handin Browne

Adding the finishing touches for a photoshoot

Prop styling the family room

The Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

Photo by Brian Wetzel Photo via Widell + Boschetti

Sifting through fun fabrics for a new client project

Curing a palette of materials for a client presentation

Taking proper measurements and hanging artwork

Reviewing floor plans at your standing desk

Selecting the perfect tile for a master bathroom

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