The Software Interior Designers Use to Increase Profitability and Efficiency

The Software Interior Designers Use to Increase Profitability and Efficiency


The world of an interior designer is incredibly complex and requires a unique set of skills to be creative while also having the diligence to manage the nitty gritty details of administrative tasks and accounting. The designer who is sporting a hard hat in heels at the construction site is the same designer who is sourcing fabrics, tracking down lost packages, delivering presentations, and nudging clients for invoice payments. Today, designers now more than ever are embracing business and project softwares such as Ivy to help organize their tasks so they can free up time to focus on what they love and value most, design.

We interviewed a number of interior designers who share why Ivy has been their software of choice to streamline their day-to-day workflow in one place so they can improve client communication, business profitability, and operation efficiency.

Lead image by Breathe Design Studio

Ivy Designer Liz Goldberg

“Where do I start? Incredible organization and backend management of my projects is just the tip of the iceberg for all that Ivy helps me with in my day-to-day. I love that I can manage all aspects within this extremely complex industry and knowing it is all in one place is a major time saver!” – Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA

Ivy Designer Bari Stalburg

“I can’t say this enough. Ivy has truly changed our business. Our day-to-day workflow used to be inundated with tracking things, small non-billable tasks and correcting mistakes. With Ivy, we have almost cut that entirely from our work day. We cannot live without the Ivy product library! We have filled it with hundreds of items including plumbing, lighting, hardware, cabinets, countertops, etc. We use it for sourcing construction items as well as furniture and fabrics. Also, I love how we can send proposals that have individual cut sheets and people can pay online. My clients appreciate that level of professionalism, our streamlined approach, and they like being able to pay with a credit card on their end.” – Bari Stalburg of Stalburg Design

Ivy Designer Staci Munic

“Ivy has completely streamlined my proposals, purchase orders, and invoicing, and for that, I am grateful!” – Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors

Ivy Designer Kelli Esposito

“I love the reminders feature. I can rest easy knowing things will continue to move as I multi-task different projects.” – Kelli Esposito of Harper Haus Interiors


Design by CAROLYNLEONA, Photo by Michael Moss Photography

Ivy Designer Lesley Myrick

“Ivy is so much more intuitive than what I was previously using. I love that I can get my staff up to speed on how to use it quickly, and it’s so powerful despite being quite simple to use. The QuickBooks side of it is not my thing, so I still hire a fantastic bookkeeper to handle that. Ivy makes it so easy to gather project information in one place and create beautiful visual proposals and invoices. I love the Project Dashboard, and so do my clients so they can see everything in one place.” – Lesley Myrick of Lesley Myrick Art + Design

Ivy Designer Katie Cooper

“I love that I can keep all of my client information, project information, invoices, and payments in one place. I love the streamlined functionality and that it looks so professional on the client’s end.” – Katie Cooper of Cooper Studio

Ivy Designer Karen Azagoury

“My job is simpler by using Ivy. It’s easy to create work plans, write and send proposals and invoices, and create a database of products or services that I can look through for future projects that may be similar in scope to what I am currently working on. In interior design, there is a lot of legwork involved, from preparing budgets and going to client’s houses to looking for vendors or going to their place of business. Hence, the ability to prepare thorough proposals for a particular project in a timely fashion without consuming too much of my day is very important. Ivy has been very helpful in letting me save time for some of the other work tasks that I need to do for a particular project.” – Karen Azagoury of KAZA Interiors

Town Lifestyle + Design_IVY_SOFTWARE

Design by Town Lifestyle + Design, Photo by Laura Dominguez

Ivy Designer Elizabeth Aurandt

“Ivy keeps everything organized nicely and makes creating proposals, generating purchase orders and ordering products very easy. I also like that Ivy integrates with QuickBooks Online. I love that the Ivy team is always very responsive and has a passion for discovering new ways to help each individual designer with their specific needs and preferences.” – Elizabeth Aurandt of mercer INTERIOR

Ivy Designer Barbara Town

“Ivy helps keep life organized! I love how easy it is to use and that I can quickly send a client pricing using the proposal feature rather than in an email which can quickly get lost in the mix. I get great feedback from the client in regards to the product image on each line item that helps them remember each piece and make decisions more easily.” – Barbara Town of Town Lifestyle + Design

Ivy Designer Maegan Swabb

“Because we are in San Diego, and we don’t have much of a design district, we depend a lot on shopping online. The Ivy Product Clipper makes our lives so much easier, and now that the software has been enhanced, we love it that much more. It’s great being able to shop for a client and just keep on moving – then refer back to everything when we’re ready to put that invoice together. Another aspect I love about Ivy is the support from the community. The resources shared through the Ivy community has saved me so much time and money. I couldn’t be happier.” – Maegan Swabb of M. Swabb – Decor + Style

Lindsey Brooke Design_IVY_SOFTWARE

Design by Lindsey Brooke Design, Photo by Lucas Rossi Photography

Ivy Designer Mindy Laven

“I’m streamlining every aspect of my business by using Ivy. From creating proposals and purchase orders to keeping track of my time, Ivy has got me covered…Being a part of Ivy has motivated me to take my business up a notch, knowing that I have a platform that backs up the business side of my creative job!” – Mindy Laven

Ivy Designer Christine Turknett

“It has helped me centralize all of my invoicing, accounting, and proposals into one platform. The fact that you work so closely with designers to come up with creative solutions builds my confidence that we can grow with your fabulous software. Our company places incredible value on workflow and project management as a way of increasing transparency throughout the company and with our clients. I spent a considerable amount of time creating systems and Ivy is integral. Work smart, not hard.” – Christine Turknett of Breathe Design Studio

Ivy Designer Lindsey Borchard

“Goodbye to a million different excel spreadsheets! I have been able to actually come up with a process from start to finish with clients because of Ivy and their easy way of managing all of the moving parts. I am able to have everything I need in Ivy, all in one place, and can reach it now, no matter where I am, on any computer, iPad or phone. That’s pretty amazing.” – Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design

Ivy is the # 1 software for designers. To learn more about Ivy, schedule a demo with an Ivy Guru who can show you how designers use Ivy to streamline their workflow and make more time for what they love, design.