Things Interior Designers Do On Sundays

Things Interior Designers Do On Sundays


Interior Designers with a Sunday routine set themselves up for a creative and productive week ahead. Sunday structure and rituals can help you as a creative entrepreneur re-energize, gain clarity, and prioritize your weekly goals. We’ve rounded up the weekend habits that interior designers love to integrate into their Sunday schedule.

Map Out Your Day and the Week Ahead

Your time is precious. There are simply not enough hours in a work week to waste spare time on Sundays. While your heart may be telling you to sleep in late, do yourself a favor and avoid Sunday scaries by using your Sunday time wisely and making an immediate plan of action for the day. Take it a step further and jot down your weekly goals and overdue payment follow-ups, and sign-up for your weekly fitness classes you need to book in advance. You’ll be thanking yourself Monday morning.

Get the Annoying Stuff Done First

For successful entrepreneurs, Sundays are just as productive as they are leisurely. Do your food shop for the week and finish laundry before you take the rest of the day to just enjoy. Save the long walks, extended daybed naps and bubble baths for later in the day and check off your important to-do tasks first.

Catch Up With the People You Love

Skype your friend who lives abroad, call your family member, or meet a friend for an iced green tea. According to Roy Cohen, professional coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide, successful professionals make sure to spend time with the people they love before starting their busy workweek when they are less available.

Treat Yo’Self

Do you! Enjoy the simple pleasures and things that make you happy. Take time for yourself and catch up with The Sunday Times, jam out, binge watch Netflix Abstract: The Art of Design, and take long, leisurely baths.

Salute Your Endorphins

Exercise releases happy chemicals to your brain, relieves stress, energizes you, eases anxiety, fights against insomnia, and makes you dance like no one’s looking. If you’re not looking to work up too much of a sweat, yoga, stretching or a relaxing walk outside will do the trick.

Go To Bed Early

Get your beauty sleep. Sleep is one of the most significant factors to your health, productivity, and overall happiness. Try to get your eight hours on Sunday so you feel fresh for the busy week ahead. Try sipping on some Chamomile tea or sniffing some lavender oil to self-induce a good night’s sleep.

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